Ivan Markov 179kg Snatch Almaty 2014 World Championships

Here is Ivan Markov’s 179kg Gold Medal Snatch from the 2014 World Championships.

The 26 year old who started weightlifting at age 14 had a perfect run in the Snatch going 174, 177, 179 kg. This gave him a one kilo advantage over Kianoush Rostami from Iran (his 178kg here).

(Video also on Facebook and Instagram @atginsta)

This was also the first gold medal for Bulgaria in the 85kg at the Worlds since Zlatan Vanev won the Clean & Jerk and Total in 2002.

He could have sealed the deal on the over all title in the Clean & Jerk, but after two good attempts at 207 and 211, he missed his last attempt at 214 kg. Later in the press conference he told us that his best C&J is 215kg.

Meanwhile he has already competed twice in German Bundesliga (3 weeks after worlds 170/203, and last weekend 165/203 after having a cold).