Dmitry Berestov & Dmitry Klokov Training Session in Chekhov *Translation Added*

Earlier this week Dmitry Klokov and Dmitry Berestov had a little private training session in the national training center in Chekhov.

They are not going too heavy (170kg pause Snatch though), but it’s nice to see a tour of the facility (click here for a tour of David Rigert’s Weightlifting Academy in Taganrog).

Update: Read the translation by Sergiy Turchyn below. Lots of interesting things in there!


Dmitry arrived to Chekhov to film something with Dmitry Berestov for another project. A lot has changed since he was here for the last time.

Chehkov facility tour:

1:15 – 3 posters with Russian athletes

1:31 – Video cameras to watch the training hall (“to prevent the athletes from fooling around”)
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