2014 CrossFit Games – Speak Your Mind

2014-crossfit-games-coverLet’s watch some CrossFit this week. The 2014 CF Games are on.

Check last year’s Games post here.

For non-US residents all events are being streamed on games.crossfit.com. US residents have to watch ESPN I believe.

If you want to comment on a specific event, look out for the top level comment (like “Overhead Squat Event”).

On Comments: If you don’t enjoy watching CrossFit, don’t comment. You can still critique the events, of course, but as usual I won’t tolerate useless hatred.

Day 1 Wednesday: Beach Event + 1RM Overhead Squat

Beach Event - For time:

  • Swim 250 yards ~ 228 m
  • 50 kettlebell thrusters (35 / 24 lb.)
  • 30 burpees
  • Swim 500 yards
  • 30 burpees
  • 50 kettlebell thrusters (35 / 24 lb.)
  • Swim 250 yards

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