2015 World Weightlifting Championships – *M105kg A Live – Xiang Yanmei World Champion*

houston worlds logoThis is the overview post for the 2015 IWF World Weightlifting Championships in Houston, Texas.

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Friday 27th November
08:00 – W75C
10:00 – M75B
12:00 – M105B
14:55 – W75A
17:25 – M105A – *On Air*
19:25 – W+75C

  1. Stream [ENG]
  2. Stream [ENG]
  3. Stream [ENG]
  4. Stream [RUS]
  5. Stream [GER]
  6. Stream [KAZ] (Might be geoblocked)
  7. Stream [ENG] (cbc, geoblocked)
  8. Stream [ROU]
  9. Stream [ROU]
  10. Stream [ENG](Stream 1, 2)
  11. Stream [ESP? PRT?] (Sursa 1)

You can watch and subscribe to Eurosport (£5) and ESPN 3 which will be broadcasting the A sessions. As always livestreams will also be available here, alongside the streams for all the other sessions. If you are in Canada or have a proxy in Canada CBC might be streaming it here.


(27.11.15): Rim Jong Sim (75kg, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) got an injury during the Snatch and had three gutsy attempts during the Clean and Jerk. She won 3 silver medals.

“Alexander Venkov: Artem Okulov and Apti Auhadiev considered to be the main candidates for the Olympic team of Russia” (via)

Ksenia’s injury: “Fortunately, a survey conducted in the US clinic did not confirm the presence of any gaps joints and brittle bones”. (via)

105kg B session: Dadas Dadashbeyli (105kg, Azerbaijan) weighed in at 98.38kg and secured a 185kg Snatch. He finished with a 395kg total by Clean and Jerking his opener of 210kg.

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