Ruslan Nurudinov 239kg Clean & Jerk Almaty 2014 World Championships

After Ilya’s 242kg and David’s 240kg, here now is the 3rd World Record from the 105kg session at world championchips.

Ruslan Nurudinov’s 239kg Clean & Jerk.

(Video also on Facebook and @atginsta)

He had a flawless 6 out of 6 performance and is also a strong contender for the “Best Celebration” as well as “Best Tongue Show” award.

He went 185, 190, 193 and 220, 230, 239. Which is a 7kg increase to his Total at last year’s worlds.

In the Press conference he mentioned that he was shocked at how well he performed. After his injury (had knee surgery in August) he never went past 215kg in training

Trivia: With his 7 medals, Ruslan is now the most decorated Uzbek at World Championships in any Olympic sport. What’s more? He is only just turned 23, so he has a bright future ahead of him.

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