Ilya Ilyin 185kg Snatch + 239kg Clean & Jerk Competition Comeback 2014

Meanwhile in Kazakhstan …

In his 195kg Snatch off Blocks video I told you about the Anatoly Khrapaty Tournament, which is Ilya Ilyin’s first competition since the 2012 London Olympics.

He weighed in at 107.4kg, so he lifted in the +105kg category (no need to impede preparation for worlds). See the full results below.

How did he do?

This madman got a 185kg Snatch and 239kg Clean & Jerk for a 424kg Total.

You know, just casually lifting 1kg more than the current 105kg C&J World Record :D and beating his old PR C&J and Total (185 + 233 = 418 at London 2012).

The Best Part? Still 4 months left for him to improve!


  • His attempts were 180, 185, x188 and 230, 239kg
  • Added a translation of his post competition interview below

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185kg Snatch

239kg Clean & Jerk

Update: New Video surfaced

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