Dmitry Klokov on Front Squats, Hyperextensions, Squat Jumps & More

Meanwhile in Russia …

Dmitry Klokov was again guest on Andrey Skoromniy’s “Body Time”.

Unlike his other recent interviews this Body Time episode is again more focused on training and exercises. Read the translation of his first appearance on the show here (has info about his Stiff Legged Deadlifts and more).

Once again big thanks to Sergiy Turchyn who translated this (translation below).

More Interviews with and by Dmitry here.

Front Squats & Stretching

[4:30] Elbow Warm-up for Front Squats.

Stretching: 7 min before and after training. Don’t stretch for 30-40 min. Stretching means very small muscle tears that is not good for recovery.

[6:00] About Front Squats.

He does 10 Squat sessions in 2 weeks (so 5 per week). Out of 10 leg training days, 7 would be Front Squat, and 3 would be Back Squat. This I do because Front Squat train the same angles you need in the Snatch, Clean and Jerk.
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