Zhang Wanqiong 231kg Total at 53kg 2014 Chinese Nationals

Meanwhile in China …

The Chinese weightlifting nationals for women are currently going on.

And there have already been some great performances.

Most notably by Zhang Wanqiong in the 53kg category.

She went 6/6 with

  • Snatch: 98, 100, 102 (lift is at 21:55 in the video)
  • Clean & Jerk: 122, 125, 129 (lift is at 51:20 in the video)

So her Total is 1 kg  over the current World Record (currently at 230kg).

As with most national meets this does not count as an official world record, even though the athletes were drug tested after the competition.

Here is the video of the competition. Results scoreboard photo.

The 48kg was won by Tian Yuan. She did 88 + 116. Video here.

Upcoming: Looking forward to seeing Yue Kang, who snatched 130kg and C&J’ed 160kg at 75kg.

Correction: I first wrongly identified the lifter as Li Yajun, and later fixed the error thanks to commenter Michael who noticed it.