Liu Weijian 140kg Snatch + 160kg Clean & Jerk at 69kg 2015 Youth Worlds *Warm Up Video Added*

Here is a highlight of the 2015 Youth World Championships.

15 year old (born 05.05.1999) Liu Weijian from China.

He Snatched 140kg (only 4 kg off Youth World Record) and Clean & Jerked 160kg at 69kg!

Remember his name. Future senior world champion right there. I also have some training hall footage of him which I will upload soon (See update below).

Update 21.05.2015: Here are some of his warm up lifts from bar to 100kg.

Video is at original speed. He really is that fast. Watch the 50 FPS version (1080p50).

(Video also on Facebook)
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