Oleksiy Torokhtiy Training Program Spreadsheet *Week 4 Added*

Meanwhile in Ukraine …

Oleksiy Torokhtiy started to post weekly training plans.

Update 07.07.2015: Week 4 added (v4.1).

  • This time Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are the main days.
  • Difficulty is 8-9/12 (the previous weeks were 7-8)
  • Thanks to Artur and Sergiy for the translation.

Update: Oleksiy told me it will be probably 7 to 10 weeks in total.

Watch the video below for an explanation. Basically it’s a percentage based program with 3 mandatory days, and 3 more days for the serious athlete.

  • Here is the Spreadsheet. I’ll update it as soon as Oleksiy posts more weeks.
  • To Edit, go to File – “Make a Copy” (to your Google Drive) or “Download as”
  • Enter your best Snatch and C&J in the Green Cells

Oleksiy also mentioned that he will upload a program each week for a month or so. He will also have a short series of videos about program design.

He also welcomes all questions, so that he knows what to talk about in the videos.
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