Rinat Kireev 180kg Snatch + 226kg Clean & Jerk

Meanwhile in Russia …

Looks like every each federal district held a weightlifting competition last week.

Here is Rinat Kireev (2014 Russian Championships Silver at 94kg) at what seems to be the “Volga Federal District” championship (Thanks Sergiy!).

In the Snatch he missed 180, made 180kg on his second, and missed 185kg on his third attempt.

In the Clean & Jerk he went : 210, 220 and finally 226kg (which I think is a PR for him, but not sure).

Sohrab Moradi 235kg Clean

Sohrab Moradi 235 clean 94kg class

Meanwhile in Iran ... We last saw Sohrab Moradi Snatching 195kg and Clean and Jerking 230kg as a 94kg lifter. Before that we saw him back squat 310kg while in the 85kg class. Now he's back with a 235kg Clean! In other news the old Junior and … [Continue reading]