2009 Chinese National Games W63kg – 4 Lifts Above World Records

Previously at the 2009 Chinese National Games …

Four lifts and two totals from the women’s 63kg were above World Records.

Thanks to wlift84 for sending this in.

Top three results, compared to then existing and current WRs:

  1. Guan Xinlei 118/147/265
  2. Ouyang Xiaofang 122/143/265
  3. Li Liying 121/136/257
  • WR in 2009: 116/142/257
  • WR in 2015: 117/145/261

Some background on the women shown:

Guan Xinlei never competed internationally despite her huge results here. She was disqualified in 2010 for two years after failing a domestic doping test alongside W69 hopeful Chen Ling (via). She then competed again in 2013 getting third in the Nationals, but bombing later that year at the National Games with 112 in the snatch.

Ouyang Xiaofang is accomplished internationally with various medals at Asian and World championships. She tried to qualifiy for the London Olympics but her total at 63kg was only 3kg better than Li Xueying’s at 58kg who eventually went and won. Her last competition was the 2013 NG where she badly dislocated her elbow on her first snatch attempt at 114.

Li Liying is another small engima. She won the 2005 National Games at 69kg and her last competition appears to be the 2012 Nationals where she placed third.