Ivan Efremov 200kg Snatch

Meanwhile in Uzbekistan …

28 year old Ivan Efremov Snatches 200kg at the Uzbek National Championships.

Ivan was 5th in London (then 105kg) with a 401kg Total (183 + 218).

From the comments of the 200kg Snatch:

His bodyweight is 117kg and he will be competing in 105+ and his goal is to do 210/255 by the next Olympic games.

Video comes from Ricky Gulyamov, who is the co-owner of Atletika Weightlifting in Burwood, Sydney, the cub Tyson trains in. The internet is a small village.

Update: After a quick chat with Ricky I have some bad news for all Ruslan Nurudinov fans…

He is injured, tore a tendon in his knee.
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