2015 European Weightlifting Championships

europeans-logoThose were the  2015 European Weightlifting Championships in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Date: 11-18th April 2015

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Chingiz Mogushkov wins the Snatch with 202kg

Chingiz wins the +105kg Snatch with 202kg!

Posted by All Things Gym on Saturday, April 18, 2015

Khetag Khugaev Snatches 180kg & Clean and Jerks 219kg to win 3 silvers in his first senior competition.

Update: From reader Sergeyevich “Same sinclair as 17 year old Ilyin!”

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Sohrab Moradi 235kg Clean

Sohrab Moradi 235 clean 94kg class

Meanwhile in Iran ... We last saw Sohrab Moradi Snatching 195kg and Clean and Jerking 230kg as a 94kg lifter. Before that we saw him back squat 310kg while in the 85kg class. Now he's back with a 235kg Clean! In other news the old Junior and … [Continue reading]

Jezza Uepa 415kg Squat

Jezza Uepa 415kg Squat

Meanwhile in Australia... A couple of weeks ago we saw Jezza Uepa front squat 350kg. Today he broke his own World Record of 413kg in the Squat by 2kg. I'm unsure if this competition counts as an international event, since there are competitors … [Continue reading]