Liao Hui 200kg Clean & Jerk (365kg Total) at Chinese Test Event

Meanwhile in China …

The Chinese Weightlifting team ran a test event in their training center.

And Liao Hui (69kg) did pretty good. How Good?

He got the 200kg Clean & Jerk and a 365kg Total, ergo also a 165kg Snatch.

Note: he did not make weight for this event (via).

Just to put these numbers in perspective:

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Translation: Big thanks to Steve and Toh Jia Jun

The Chinese weightlifting team has already been training for international competition for a good portion of the year, and this competition was held to test how the training was coming along. This is a fairly important competition in regards to the competition in September (I think they are referring to the Chinese Nationals.[or Asian Games -G.]) Most of the athletes performed fairly well. Lifters don’t have to make weight for this competition, but standards are still very strict.

Liao hui says that he hasn’t been able to Clean and Jerk 200kg in training for a bit (10kg off from his 210kg training best), but in competition he feels more energized and focused. While he hasn’t hit this weight in competition, he believes he has the ability to hit this weight, which is why in competition he’s sometimes stronger than in training (more focus.)

His coach (the head coach of the national team) said that in the period leading up to this test competition, they focused their training “on the basics”perfecting technique and building strength. He then said that while the lifters here did not lift under strict competition requirements (e.g. not cutting weight), it was important for them to periodically assess their progress.

The head coach basically says that the competition helps them decide which athletes to send to competitions as they can see which athletes can perform well and see who can “utilize” what they learned in training during competitions. He also says something about choosing the top 8 athletes from the list to send to competitions but not sure what list or competition he’s referring to.
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