Dmitry Klokov on Barbell Shrugged

The Barbell Shrugged crew got to interview Dmitry Klokov while he was at the USAW Nationals!

His English has really improved a lot!

  • [2:30] “if you want to be  a professional athlete you sometimes have to drink” (alcohol). On Saturday after training, sauna, massage.
  • [9:00] biggest problem is his right shoulder. 2006 in prep for his 2nd world championships he Jerked 255kg from Rack (watch his 245kg Rack Jerk here)
  • After 2016 he will definitely retire, after 22 years in the sport (started with 13 in 1995)
  • April 2015 he will decide if he continues or not (he has to hit certain numbers 1 year before Rio)
  • [51:30] “you can’t bring good technique if your muscles aren’t ready”
  • on weak backs and his his deficit Deadlifts (see his accessory exercises here)
  • [54:10] he doesn’t like blocks (“why make it easy for you?”)
  • [57:00] the few lucky enough to get into the Russian national team get a minimum of $7000 per month salary (maximum up to 11-12000 )
  • children are not selected to do certain sports in Russia
  • [01:00:00] in terms of money he compares the situation old soviet Russia to the US’ situation now (in the sense that you had to train for yourself, not for money). That changed when Putin became president. Now athletes live very good.

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