110kg Sots Press by Kevin Cornell Update: 120kg

(Originally published on May 11, 2012)

Kevin Cornell of California Strength does a Sots Press with 110kg. Yikes!

Great display of flexibility and strength.

In a comment Glenn Pendlay said:

Just recently he push pressed 150kg for a set of 5.
His best strict press is 120kg.

Update: 120kg

  • Sean LeFloch

    Going all Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on us!!!!!!

  • sporting

    Klokov needs to see this and respond.

  • Bryan

    Louie Simmons said David Rigert could do like 180kg in the sots press. I can’t remember the exact weight but it was freaking crazy. I think he mentions it on a barbell shrugged interview.

  • Gro

    I would like to see 220kg clean and jerk from American WLifter, it is easy to do cirsus excercise, but to cnj big time need lot more work to do.

  • Weijia

    I thought Sots presses were done behind the neck. Impressive nonetheless!