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13 Week Double Day Squats Weightlifting Program Spreadsheet

Update 14.10.2015: Greg Everett asked me to take down the sheets.

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catalyst 13 week double day squats program

So I heard some of you masochists enjoy double day training.

Reader Joe turned the 13 Week Double Day Squats Program from Catalyst Athletics into a handy spreadsheet.
Here is the program written out on Catalyst. If you chose to do it I recommend reading the notes for each day.


As you can tell by the name it often has you squat twice a day. Greg writes you can split the sessions up.
Disclaimer from Greg Everett:
This cycle should only be used by athletes who are conditioned for frequent, heavy lifting – it is not a good beginning program.

It will use weight selections based on feel for most sets. This first week will be a transition week to prepare you for very frequent squatting and heavy lifts. Try completing all workouts without sitting down. Rest only as long as needed.

Questions about notation? Read the Catalyst FAQ.

For example HS = Heavy Single.

What is a heavy Single here?

“You will know when it is too much for the day. Don’t take more than 3 attempts at a given weight. Close to 90% of your best would be where you want to aim for, but if you are feeling good and can beat your best you should go for it.”

5 x OTM Single =  1 rep on the minute for 5 sets.

As usual with the Catalyst programs the conditioning workouts are optional.

Update: Tips from reader Philip who ran this cycle twice.

Big tip, make sure you have enough time to split it into two sessions. Going near maximal on Squat twice in one session for a less advanced athlete might not be smart. I learned the hard way, didn’t think it would be too bad as I was coming off of 4 years of division 1 football.

And also don’t be alarmed if lifts start to go down, drop the %s (I found 10% drop was good around 4-6 weeks of the program) to make the classical lifts. You dont want to teach yourself how to miss. Again I learned the hard way. 2nd time I did the program I made all kinds of gains. Be smart, EAT, and lift smart.

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