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2014 US Weightlifting Nationals Highlights

Okay, If you are not following ATG on Facebook (or twitter) here is what went down over the weekend at the 2014 US Weightlifting National Championships.

Men’s +105kg

Caine Wilkes got a 182kg Snatch and 218kg C&J (227kg miss)


Men’s 94kg

168kg Snatch for Norik Vardanian set a new American Snatch Record in the 94kg.
Unfortunately he bombed in the Clean & Jerk [video].

From Norik’s Facebook:

Nationals did not go as well as planned.

As most of you know by now, I bombed out in the Clean & Jerk. We kept increasing a kilo because we thought it was going to require more for the win. Little did we know that 192kg was all I need for the win. I missed 193,194, and then 195.

My legs just haven’t been the same since I strained my quad weeks back. That is no excuse though. I was more than ready for those weights.

I did have a great snatch day though. I made all three lifts of 160,166, and 168kg. My last two attempts were Senior American Records.

Here are the 94kg Results

94kg results

Here is Kendrick Farris’ 197kg Clean & Jerk. He weighed in at only 90.6kg.


Women’s 75kg

This category was dominated by Jenny Lyvette Arthur

104kg Snatch + 125kg Clean & Jerk (attempted 135 for an American Record, but missed the Jerk)

Men’s 69kg

174 kg by Caleb Williams is a new American Record.

Men’s 62kg

14 year old Clarence Cummings broke the American Clean & Jerk Record with 153kg

And Derrick Johnson set the new American Snatch Record with 123kg

2014 US Weightlifting Nationals Highlights is a post by Gregor Winter from All Things Gym.