70’s Big Podcast with Dr. Michael Hartman

Justin from 70’s Big has Dr. Michael Hartman on the 70’s Big Podcast Episode #10.

If you enjoy weightlifting and gym talk in general this episode is for you.


  • the 2011 Pan American Games
  • Kendrick Farris
  • snatch rack, cues for receiving the snatch – don’t be passive, push hips through , drop down, “stab the bar out of the air”, “pop and drop” 
  • Joe Mills – “Stand Up, Jump Down”
  • bar contact position for cleans –  as close to the bottom of the ball sack, as high on the thigh as possible
  • bar contact positing for snatches – hip crease, above your genitalia
  • snatch grip – grab the bar, bend over and have the bar in the crease of your hip, as wide as comfortable + 2 or 3 fingers, wider = better
  • maintaining hook in the snatch
  • hitting the pubic symphysis with the bar = Ouch! – focus more on the vertical movement of the hip when getting hips through
  • is mobility work necessary? – doing full ROM movements regularly will maintain mobility
  • if you lack mobility – do extra mobility work
  • building strength for weightlifting vs building strength in general
  • push press grip width – between jerk and press grip
  • bar resting on deltoids – dip & drive the bar to eye level
  • Grip width for jerks – 2 to 3  finger widths outside the shoulders = great jerk and push press position
  • kettlebells for assistance work