AJ Roberts – From Strongest To Fittest

What do you do after you achieved everything there is to achieve in your sport?

That’s right! Set high goals and try to conquer another!

AJ Roberts, former 308 lbs All Time Total record holder in powerlifting (1205 lbs squat, 910 lbs bench and a 815lbs deadlift) decided to become the fittest man on earth.

Now maybe he is trolling all of us, but check out this thread where he talks about his plans.

He has a long road ahead of him, but he certainly has the mindset of a champion and his body can take a beating for sure.

His new training program looks the following:


  • Upper body speed – Olympic lifts
  • 1-2 Assistant exercises for Shoulders
  • Upper body metcon


  • Lower body Max effort – singles & or rep maxes
  • 1-2 Assistant exercises for back
  • Lower body metcon


  • Upper body max effort – singles & or rep maxes on a bench press or overhead variation
  • 1-2 Assistant exercises for chest & triceps
  • Upper body metcon


  • Lower body speed – Box squats / free squats
  • 1-2 Assistant exercises for glutes/hams
  • Lower body metcon

Thanks to Damien for submitting this.

Update: Video of one of his first WODs

  • Ghosthalo2

    Interesting  I think due to the fact they have a lot of bodyweight strength events a long with heavy cardio elements he will not be a threat until he does drop all that weight at the very least.  Also don’t they drug test the crossfit games?  I know he trained at westside who make it no secret they all use heavily year round, will be a big jump to time cycles for him.  I still believe a well conditioned oly lifter would transition the best to crossfit.   

    • GregorATG

      Yeah bodyweight is a big issue. As he said in the thread he is getting his nutrition in check and going to drop some weight in the process.

      And yeah Oly lifters would be a good choice.

      However so far I think we have seen a lot of allrounders (coming from other sports backrounds like soccer etc. and were not tied to just the oly lifts, who were successful in CF.

      Would like to see the experiment though.

      Imagine if someone like Chad Vaughn would commit to CF and built a serious engine.

  • Rob

    What would an example/sample workout for “upper or lower body met con”?