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Akkaev Comments on his Injury and Future

Update: So apparently he wants to lift!

Khadzhimurat Akkaev comments on his current situation and future plans after missing out on London 2012.

Update: Read Akkaev’s 2014 Interview on ATG.

Google translated interview is still rough. Please correct the things it butchered.

Akkaev: But, honestly, I have little doubt tormented, which may bring health. And as luck would have it a premonition proved prophetic. In the worst possible moment got out a hernia, I was urgently hospitalized and had surgery because I have not fully felt the leg, that is, it was very bad. British doctors insisted that it’s urgent to do.

Interviewer: It didn’t bother you prior to your arrival in London?

Akkaev: It is because of the intensification that happened here. In the pre-Olympic training camp at the Chekhov I felt satisfactory, but here I have completely deteriorated.

Interviewer: Large load?

Akkaev: Of course. Soreness is typical in our sport. Injuries to the joints, back, are common. Just someone they are “appropriate” time of shoot, and some, like me …  [don’t know what he meant here] And I, for example, was worth a gold medal Olympic Games. But what to do?

Interviewer: You were planning to retire after winning in London. What do you think now?

Akkaev: Life goes on. Now I’m focused on the Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, although after the Games was ready to retire. My ambition leaped, of course, I will win two more world championships with world records, and then the Olympic Games in 2016.

Interviewer: How long until you are recovered?

Akkaev: I was told that I have to under go rehabilitation for at least six months. Maybe even a year. But do not worry. A year or two later I will be fine.

Interviewer: Olympic champion Svetlana Podobedova from Kazakhstan  said she cried when she watched the Beijing Olympics. She knew that you would have won …

Akkaev: I will not cry, but I will understand that I gave someone a gold medal. And I, and Dmitry Klokov. I think that we have invested a lot of work. His great merit is that I have progressed this way, and my, perhaps, that he showed himself well. Therefore, on his behalf I would like to know … (pause) to apologize anyway to our country. We have deprived our country of gold and silver medals. In any case, the two have shared this story. It turns out that it happens sometimes.

Interviewer: How can there be an apology? You did not ask the doctors specifically to do the operation, the situation was serious.

Akkaev: If I had the slightest opportunity to go out and fight, I would have done it. But when you have a leg that does not work, have no chance to think about … In fact, stood on the scales of my health, and an Olympic medal. Nevertheless, I wanted to go out and perform. Simply put, and I was operated on urgently. Even against my will, in fact. I asked not to be removed in the case That I would suddenly feel better. If I feel good, then maybe I’ll try.

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