Anatoly Pisarenko Documentary

Here is an Anatoly Pisarenko documentary.

It’s in  Russian / Ukraine, so if you speak one of those languages it would be great if you can help with the translation in the comments.

Maybe we can split it up in 5/10 minute segments like we did last time.

Thanks to Nat from the Hookgrip for submitting this.

  • Joshua Smith

    I posted this on starting strength about a year ago trying to get it translated. no luck :(

    • GregorATG

      Not enough Klokov in that video I guess.

  • Roberto

    Of all the weightlifters of past, Pisarenko was the most mythical. He did 265 Kg with only 123Kg BW. Stop lifting very young, stop lifting with very good heathly joints. had the fastest first pull ever (even with 260 kg on the bar). That would be very cool learn from the words of this man, by the way he is a rich man, and can give us some knowledge about business.

    • GregorATG

      He is rich?

      I once read that he became a business man. Must have worked out well.

  • Roberto

    yes he is a very rich man. After he and Kurlovich get arrested in the airport ,the russian federation gave two years of suspencion for both. Kurlovich cameback only in 1987 breaking the world record total and missing that 266 attempt. Pisarenko retired in 1984 and got in the business of oil. That is why Pisarenko stoped lifting in a very young age,and nobody knows what could be the real max in competition, but 265 is a good number.

  • Evgeny Filatov

    I speak both Russian and Ukrainian and have been contemplating to translate this video since I found it. Just gotta find the right time. Seeing it here gives me motivation; I may start it tomorrow if there is enough interest. I also wanted to do that 198x Spartakiad footage with Kurlovich, Taranenko, and Gunyashin, which I thought was fucking awesome footage.

    • GregorATG

      Well, if you find the time, that would be awesome.

    • Joe

      Same here. Would be much appreciated!

  • steven

    Saw this vid a while ago, he is really living the good live. Ones you play chess with ivory pieces, you made it in life :p