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Andrei Chemerkin – Life After 40

Andrei Chemerkin turned 40 earlier this year and he is looking ‘skinny(er)’.

What’s he been up to you ask? See the video below.

If you don’t speak Russian, read the translation here.

The narrator then says that after retiring from the sport, Chemerkin enjoys an active vacation kind of life style, a lot of skiing and snowboarding, and at the summer, riding a bicycle and wind-surfing. He likes to do all this extreme stuff without thinking about things such as breaking bones, etc…

As for weightlifting, “the world’s strongest athlete” changed his profession, from athlete to coach. “He passes the art of the iron game to the next generation”. He coaches at the same small training facility where he used to train as an athlete. Apparently this facility is quite humble since he goes on to say that he was very happy when the first and only, two eleiko bars were finally bought. Other then that, he says, you don’t really need anything, “we have light and water, as well as showers, everything we need”. The narrator says that from time to time, Chemerkin lifts there as well, but that his main sport today is table tennis, and that despite his mass he is a competitive masters player. Both of his sons won their first juniors weightlifting competitions recently.

Andrei Chemerkin – Life After 40 is a post by Gregor Winter from All Things Gym.