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Anterior and Posterior Pelvic Tilt Routines

Give troublesome some upvotes for writing this post: “An everyday workout/warmup that you can use to fix your postural dysfunction.

Very important: brace your abs and glutes throughout the stretches in this. If your lower back gets tight after these exercises, you’re either pushing your range of motion too much or not bracing your abs enough.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT) Routine

  1. Hip flexor stretch – 2 x 20 seconds (if you can’t do the bent knee version, keep your foot down or on a lower bench)
  2. Cook hip bridge – 2×12 each side (Make sure your movements are slow and controlled. Really focus on squeezing your glute and pushing through your heel)
  3. Clams – 2×8 each side
  4. Planks (1×40 seconds) or Dead Bugs (3×8 each side)
  5. Thoracic extensions -2x 12

Posterior Pelvic Tilt (PPT) Routine

  1. Hamstring stretch  -2 x 20 seconds (Roll up a hand towel and place it under your lower back in order to create a natural arch in the back. In fact for every stretch where you’re lying down, you should be doing that)
  2. I don’t have a video for this so I’ll try to explain it. Lie down with your legs straight, place your fingers under your lower back so that the tips touch other, palms down. From this position, raise one leg up as high as you can. Stop when you feel your back pressing into the fingers, and return down to the starting position. Go controlled and. Make sure that the toes of both legs are pointing towards the ceiling and it should be a straight up and down motion. I see too many people cheat by turning the toes out. 2 x 12 each leg
  3. Cat/Camel – 1×8 (Don’t force the stretch, this is just to get you used to what an arch feels like)
  4. Clams – 2×8 each side
  5. Thoracic extensions -2x 12
  6. Underhand Band pull aparts – 2×12 (Hold it with an underhand grip though, like you’re gonna curl)
  7. Plank – 3×40 seconds

Here is a print friendly version with pictures:

“Fixing the Computer Guy Posture”

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