Artem Udachyn 270kg Jerk

Meanwhile in the Ukraine …

Here is Artem Udachyn, who did 200kg/243kg at 168kg bodyweight in the Ukrainian Cup this weekend, with a huge 270kg Jerk.

  • Guest

    Boy…that escalated quickly.

  • Dustin Oranchuk

    Im sure others have done more, but this is the biggest weight put overhead I have ever seen in videos or pictures! Also pretty interesting that the squat/jerk stands appear to be permanently embedded in to the floor.

    • GregorATG

      Yeah I think that is a youtube record weight :)

      • guest

        Misha did 270kg in Glasgow
        (from the back). :)

        • GregorATG

          Right! How could I forget about Misha??

          • Luc Lapierre

            Yes, but front > back.

  • Damon Kelly

    Pretty impressive for a guy who seems to struggle a little bit in the clean and jerk. He did that easy!

  • Solaris

    Like a boss, walking to the bar and showing the iron its place.

    And I agree with the guy at the end, just watching that makes you sweat :)

  • Paul

    One of the greatest walk ups and unrackings of a weight in history!

  • Niels

    incredibly strong!!!! and the sound on the background, fantastic :)