Ilya Ilyin 195kg Snatch


Meanwhile in Kazakhstan … Ilya Ilyin snatches 195kg on his road to Rio (looks like it’s from 2014 though). More: See his 2014 preparation here. Ilya Ilyin snatch 195kg!!! Road to Rio2016!!! Илья Ильин рывок 195кг!!! @ilyailyin_official @ilyailyinfan #ilya_ilyin #kazakhstan #champion #ppscastana #samrukkazyna #илья_ильин #казахстан #чемпион A video posted by Toishan Bektemirov (@toishan_bek) on Aug […]

Timur Naniev 195kg Snatch


Meanwhile in Russia … 20 year old Timur Naniev (105kg) snatched 195kg without straps! At the 2015 Russian championships he snatched 187 at only 102.35kg. This 195kg is probably from his preparation for this competition. #Snatch 195 #weightlifting#russia_weightlifting#instasport#sports#crossfit A video posted by Timur Naniev (@nanievtimur) on Aug 5, 2015 at 4:00am PDT

Liang Chenxi 190kg or 200 Clean & Jerk 167kg Hang Snatch


Meanwhile in China… Liang Chenxi (69kg) did some bug lifts in training. He was 5th at the 2013 worlds with 145+183. Here he lifts over both 69kg world records in training (166kg and 198kg) with 167kg and 200kg! (note: the caption of the video says 200kg, but count the plates yourself) Liang Chenxi (69kg) clean […]

Dmitry Klokov 200kg Snatch at Almaty 2014 Worlds Training Hall

Dmitry Klokov 200kg Snatch at World Championship Training Hall

Meanwhile in Kazakhstan … Dmitry Klokov is currently at the World Championships and having a look. While he is there he figures he can get some training lifts in, who wouldn’t want to train amongst other world champions? His Bodyweight is currently 110kg, this 200kg snatch is the first time snatching 200 since his preparation for […]