Checking in with Tatiana Matveeva

Get to Know Tatiana Matveeva

Just like he did with Olga Zubova and Tatiana Kashirina, Rashid Itsaev fom YouRaiseRussia spend some time with Tatiana Matveeva. Who is Tatiana? She is the 2006 European Champion in the 69kg category and also is the 2005 Junior World Champion. Her best lifts in international competition are 114 + 147 (at 69kg). Follow her […]

Dmitry Klokov Back Hyperextensions *Update*

Dmitry Klokov Back Hyperextensions

(Originally Posted Jul 1st, 2013) Meanwhile in Russia … Let’s train some “Backceps”! Dmitry Klokov shows you one of the most basic, yet most useful back assistance exercise. Hyperextensions with 80kg using a pommel horse and wall bars. Update: You can also try the Lying version Apti Aukhadov shows here. More: check out previous Back Extension/ Back […]

Dmitry Klokov 80 – 170kg Snatch Ladder *Update* 186kg Snatch


Meanwhile in Ecuador … at a Dmitry Klokov Seminar. Probably inspired by the Speed Clean Ladder at the 2014 CrossFit Games Dmitry tried a Snatch Ladder. Weights: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170 kg Time: 2:23 That’s got to be the heaviest Snatch Ladder on video so far right? Anyway, it’s always nice to see a […]

Benedikt Magnusson 461kg (Strongman) Deadlift World Record (1016 lbs)

Benedikt Magnusson 461kg Deadlift World Record (1016 lbs)

Meanwhile in the UK … at Europe’s Strongest Man 2014. After his 445kg with straps earlier this year, Benedikt Magnusson got a 461kg Deadlift (1016lbs) for a new Strongman World Record (w/straps & Deadlift Suit). Eddie Hall pulled the same weight, but dropped it (video at the bottom of this post). In other news: Hafthor won ESM and […]