Juggernaut Olympic Training Center Squat Roundtable

Juggernaut Olympic Training Center Squat Roundtable

The US Olympic Training Center athletes Colin Burns, Donovan Ford, David Garcia and Anthony Pomponio sat down for a training roundtable. Topics: Training Squats during Shoulder Injuries (hip belt and safety bar squats) David Squatted 3x per week when he did his 305kg Squat Opinions on Squat Programs (Smolov, Russian Squat Program) Low Bar Back Squat is […]

1984 IWF World Cup Gala Sarajevo with 17 y/o Naim Suleymanoglu


Blast from the Past … Here is a highlight video from the 1984 IWF World Cup Gala in Sarajevo. It features a 17 year old Naim Suleymanoglu, Asen Zlatev, Blagoy Blagoev, Yurik Sarkisyan and more. What’s different about this is, that athletes were ranked according to how close they lift (percentage wise) to the world record of their […]

Mart Seim 353kg Squat


Meanwhile in Estonia … Mart Seim bests his old Squat PR by 3kg and gets 353kg. With only 3 weeks to go until the +105kg session at worlds I asked him how long before a competition he squats heavy. His answer: I haven’t squatted over 320 in over 2 months, but today I was feeling good so I […]

Saeid Mohammadpour 191kg Snatch Iranian Record


Meanwhile in Iran … Saeid Mohammadpour broke the Iranian 105 Snatch record by Hossein Tavakkoli. His 190kg Snatch from the Sydney 2000 Olympics stood for 14 years. [Video] He lifted 191kg at 100.9kg bodyweight and also got a 225 C&J (via). I expect this record to be broken multiple times in the near future as Saeid fully grows into the […]

Dmitry Klokov 191kg Thruster


Meanwhile in Australia … Dmitry Klokov PRs his Thruster with 191kg (watch 190kg here) at one of his Seminars. And as he said in his latest interview: You can’t train like I do and push around weights like 240kg. you just can’t, but Snatching 190, that’s not really a problem” Here’s a 190kg Snatch

Hysen Pulaku 210kg Clean & Jerk


Meanwhile in Albania … they are still in Greece Here is a 210kg Clean & Jerk by Hysen Pulaku. His bodyweight is around 80kg. Remember he is still technically one of the potential 77kg lifters for Albania. Despite what the (no so) “final” start list says, the final composition of the team is still undecided. So we […]