Lu Xiaojun Back Exercise “Lu Rows”

lu back exercise cover

Over at his blog Rob Macklem posted this sequence of Lu Xiaojun getting his Back Pump on in the worlds training hall. Usually I am not a fan of naming exercises after athletes, but “Round Back Deficit Snatch Grip Deadlift Row” is just too long. So I’m just going to call them Lu Rows for now (since “Chinese Rows” is already taken) . From […]

Vasiliy Polovnikov Interviews Nadezhda Evstyukhina *Translation Added*


Vasiliy Polovnikov sat down to interview Nadezda Evstyukhina. Thanks to “mindblowned” for the translation so far. Nadezhda’s Best Lifts Snatch – 140 from blocks Clean and Jerk – 170 (injured herself in this training session afterwards) Back Squat – 210×3 Front Squat – 180-190 Bench Press – 110 Translation + Summary of Part 1 Note […]

Adjusting Weight Classes in Weightlifting?


You often see comments in the form of “Lifter X would be a perfect fit for the old Y Weight Class”. But what would be a good distribution of weight classes? Below is a comment by reader “aed939″ that was left on Julia Konovalovas 190kg Front Squat Post. He/she took a look at the World […]

Vasiliy Polovnikov Interviews Ruslan Albegov *Translation Added*


Continuing in his Interview series, Vasiliy Polovnikov sat down with Ruslan Albegov. The Translation + Summary was kindly provided by reader “mindblowned” Translation Vasiliy: How did you start lifting? Ruslan: When I was 11-12 my brother brought me with him. He became Master of sports and won the Russian championship under 18. When I was […]

Vasiliy Polovnikov Interviews Chingiz Mogushkov *Translation Added*


Yes! I was waiting for this one… Vasiliy Polovnikov interviewed Chingiz Mogushkov. Thanks to Sergiy and “mindblowned” for the translation. PS: The “Chingiz Leaning on Things Shirts” is back in stock. Quick Facts: He was 127 kg when he started training. “In 8 months I already was 151 kg. I was 14-15 years old.” Bodyweight PR […]