Konstantin Konstantinovs Interview at GPA Worlds

Konstantin Konstantinovs Interview at GPA Worlds

Mike Israetel from JTS Strength sat down for an interview with Konstantin Konstantinovs. Update: Here is Mikhail Koklyaev’s interview at GPA Worlds. gymnastics, wrestling background as a kid started Powerlifting at age 15, first meet 16 Indispensable Principles of Powerlifting big base of raw strength don’t rain too heavy too often, recovery is a must don’t […]

2014 European Junior & U23 Championships


After senior worlds its time for the Juniors to shine. This year’s European Junior & U23 Championships are being held in Limassol, Cyprus. Useful Links: Startlist Recordings on EasyWL Highlights Simon Martirosyan with another Youth Snatch World Record Antoniy Savchuk (Jr. +105) Snatches 185kg Victor Getts (RUS) wins the 77kg Juniors with 160 + 195 New Youth Snatch […]

David Bedzhanyan 240kg Clean & Jerk Almaty 2014 World Championships

david bedzhanyan 240kg clean jerk

Here is the second World Record Breaking Clean & Jerk from the 105kg Session at the 2014 World Championships. Watch Ilya’s 242kg and Ruslan Nurudinov’s 239kg here. David Bedzhanyan‘s 240kg, taking back his Clean & Jerk World Record from Ruslan Nurudinov, who took it from him only a minute prior to this lift. Unfortunately for David this record also didn’t last long […]