Derek Kendall 373kg (823 lbs) Front Squat


Meanwhile in the US … Derek Kendall bests his own mega Front Squat, which was the heaviest on video yet. After his 362kg (800 lbs) in January this year, here is a 373kg Front Squat (823 lbs). Unbelievable… A video posted by Derek Kendall (@derekkendallpowerlifter) on Nov 11, 2014 at 1:46pm PDT Thanks to Emil for […]

2014 Worlds Poll + Your Predictions


With a little over a week to go until the 2014 Worlds, let’s have a prediction poll. Your Podium Predictions in the Comments. Here are mine: +105kg: Aleksey Lovchev, Behdad Salimi, Ruslan Albegov 105kg: Ilya Ilyin, David Bedzhanyan, or Ruslan Nurudinov if he hís healthy? Snatch Medal for Pat Mendes 94kg: Aleksandr Ivanov or Aurimas Didzbalis 85kg: […]

Alex Puccio One Arm Chin Ups


You don’t see women bang out One Arm Chin Ups for reps that often… Alex Puccio is one of the strongest female climbers out there (doing v14 boulders) and she makes it look easy. A video posted by Alex Puccio (@alex_puccio89) on Oct 10, 2014 at 1:19pm PDT Here she is in action at a deep water […]

Yuliya Kalina 111kg Snatch (at 63kg) Ukrainian Record


Meanwhile in Ukraine … Here is London 2012 Bronze medalist (in 58kg) Yuliya Kalina (now 63kg) Snatching 111kg at the Ukrainian National Championships. With this lift she set a new national record, which was previously held by 2004 Olympic champion Nataliya Skakun, who now coaches Yuliya. At the 2014 World Championships she will compete against Tima Turieva, Tzu Chi Lin, Deng Wei in […]

Liao Hui 200kg Clean & Jerk at Chinese Test Event *Update* 165kg Snatch


Meanwhile in China … The Chinese Weightlifting team ran a test event in their training center. See the women’s session here. And Liao Hui (69kg) did pretty good. How Good? He got the 200kg Clean & Jerk and a 365kg Total, ergo also a 165kg Snatch. Update 30.10.2014: Finally, here is the 165kg Snatch Video Just […]

Marcin Dolega Suspended by Polish Weightlifting Federation

Marcin Dolega Suspended by Polish Weightlifting Federation

#149912967 / Meanwhile in Poland … Marcin Dolega supposedly tested with elevated levels of norandrosterone (nandrolone or its derivatives) at the 2014 President’s Cup  Maybe Polish readers can help and translate what is being written here and here, as I don’t want to make false statements. Here is the situation as I understand it right now. The […]