Lukasz Grela 180kg Snatch


Meanwhile in Poland … 28 year old Łukasz Grela (94kg) Snatches 180 kg. Post by KU AZS AJD Częstochowa podnoszenie ciężarów. Thanks to Damian for submitting this. Update 26.10.2014: At the Polish national championshps he got a 178kg Snatch and 205kg C&J. Post by Polska Kadra TV.

Alexey Yufkin 170kg Snatch


Meanwhile in Russia … in the Sochi training camp. 2011 European Champion Alexey Yufkin (85kg) Snatches 170kg. Same weight he snatched at his Europeans victory (170 + 215 in Kazan). Recently at the 2014 Russian championships he got 2nd behind Artem Okulov. Follow him on instagram @artuch1. Loading View on Instagram

Bahador Moulaei 260kg Clean & Jerk


Meanwhile in Iran… 22 year old Bahador Moulaei Clean & Jerks 260kg! Note this is an older clip. After the Asian Games (where he lifted injured) it was decided that he needs to get surgery on his kne. That means he will miss this year’s worlds and will be out for 9 months out. (via) More: Bahador’s […]

Mohammed Boufia 390kg Squat

Mohammed Boufia 390kg Squat

Meanwhile in Algeria … at the 2014 IPF African Open Championships in Béjaia. Here is what the opposite of a dive bomb Squat looks like. Mohammed Boufia (127kg) Squats 390kg with a super slow descent. Complete domination over the weight.

Chad Wesley Smith 387kg Squat


Meanwhile in the US … The Juggernaut Chad Wesley Smith Squats 387kg (855lbs). Turns out this is exactly what ATG’s Rep Max Calculator predicts when you plug in his 365kg x2. Just from listening to it, you could think it was Milko Tokola…

Ekaterina Katina 190kg x2 Front Squat

Ekaterina Katina 190kg x2 Front Squat

Meanwhile in Russia … When she’s not bending bars, Ekaterina Katina (75kg) Front Squats 190kg x2. Last time I mentioned her it was with 190kg x2 Back Squats. More: Julia Konovalova’s 190kg Front Squat Nadezhda Evstyukhina’s 200kg x2 Back Squat Oxana Slivenko#s 200kg x2 Back Squat