Kirill Sarychev Interviews Konstantin Konstantinovs *Translation Added Below*

Kirill Sarychev Interviews Konstantin Konstantinovs

Meanwhile in Russia … Kirill Sarychev sat down for an interview with Konstantin Konstantinovs. If you can help with the translation, please do so in the comments or use the ATG submit form. Update 14.05.2015: Thanks to reader Nyah we have a translation. Translation Kirill Sarychev (KS): Hello, Friends. Today, I would like to present […]

2015 Chinese Women’s Weightlifting Nationals *Meng Suping 193kg C&J*


After we saw the men put up record breaking performances at the 2015 Men’s Weightlifting Nationals, it’s now time for the women’s Nationals. As always I will update this post with videos & results as they happen. +75kg Meng Suping 140/193/333 (121.58 bw) Jia Yuping 141/160/301 Jia Weipeng 135/157/292 Sun Yongjie 128/158/286, She is 17! […]