Lu Xiaojun Bottom Up Overhead Squats

Lu Xiaojun Bottom Up Overhead Squats

Meanwhile in China … Lu Xiaojun does Bottom-up Overhead Squats (Dead Overhead Squats) with 180kg. Here, Lu Xiaojun is using this movement during a mid-week session to train his support strength and practice his balance in the catch position. Notice how he finds his balance point before standing. (via Ma Strength) More Lu: 176kg Snatch World Record 260kg […]

Vasiliy Polovnikov Interviews Chingiz Mogushkov *Translation Added*


Yes! I was waiting for this one… Vasiliy Polovnikov interviewed Chingiz Mogushkov. Thanks to Sergiy and “mindblowned” for the translation. PS: The “Chingiz Leaning on Things Shirts” is back in stock. Quick Facts: He was 127 kg when he started training. “In 8 months I already was 151 kg. I was 14-15 years old.” Bodyweight PR […]

Saeid Mohammadpour 230kg Clean & Jerk


Meanwhile in Iran … After his 180kg Snatches the other week, Saeid Mohammadpour (94kg, plans to be 105kg in 2015) Clean & Jerks 230kg Maybe some Persian speaking readers can translate what “230Kg 2kg baed az 2sal record bud merc a” means. Update: He writes “2kg PR after 2 years, thank you all” Update 15.10.2014: Another 230kg Loading […]

Dmitry Klokov on Front Squats, Hyperextensions, Squat Jumps & More

Dmitry Klokov on Andrey Skoromniy’s Body Time Part 2

Meanwhile in Russia … Dmitry Klokov was again guest on Andrey Skoromniy’s “Body Time”. Unlike his other recent interviews this Body Time episode is again more focused on training and exercises. Read the translation of his first appearance on the show here (has info about his Stiff Legged Deadlifts and more). Once again big thanks to Sergiy […]