Lidia Valentin 170kg x3 Squat

lidia valentin 170kg x3 squat

Meanwhile in Spain … Lidia Valentin (75kg) squats 170kg x3. In the upcoming European championships she posted the highest entry total (255kg) of the 75kg. Watch her 124kg Snatch and 140kg C&J here. More Heavy Squats from Strong Women: Boyanka Kostova 200kg Squat Nadezda Evstyukhina 200kg x2 Squat Oksana Slivenko 200kg x2 Squat

Chinese Weightlifting Instant Lift Assessment Stations

liao hui looking at replay bar path

Meanwhile in China … You can’t manage what you can’t measure - William Edwards Deming Well, now the Chinese weightlifting team can. Looks like they’ve gotten themselves some “instant lift assessment” stations. It tracks the lift’s bar path (in 3d), measures speeds and so can give the coach & athlete instant feedback. Update: Translation from commenter LuLzCatz: […]

Aurimas Didzbalis 240kg Jerk

aurimas didzbalis 240kg jerk

Meanwhile in Lithuania … Finally an update from Aurimas Didzbalis. He was not wasting his forced time off and gets a 240kg Jerk from the rack. Update: Just asked Zygimantas Stanulis, he says that Aurimas is still a 94kg lifter. Remember that in 2012 he tested positive. His 2 year ban is almost over (lasts until 10.05.2014) and […]

Mikkel Leicht 280kg Front Squat

Mikkel Leicht 280kg Front Squat

Meanwhile in Denmark … (I think that’s a first) Strongman Mikkel Leicht gets a 280kg Front Squat. By the way, “Leicht” means “Light/Easy” in German… Also check out the 210kg “Chemerkin style” Push Press and 380kg Deadlift on his channel. More Big Front Squats: Derek Kendall’s 362kg Front Squat Holger Kutroff 300kg Front Squat Chingiz Mogushkov […]

Wall Bars Pike Stretch

dave durante wall bars pike stretch progressions

Flexibility Friday? On his instagram David Durante is currently doing a series on Press to Handstand Progressions. He starts it off with a great flexibility drill using Wall Bars (every gym, no matter weightlifting/gymnastics/crossfit should have some, seriously). This one is a staple in gymnastics training. It’s basically a weighted Pike Stretch. You increase the load […]