Dmitry Klokov Warm Up 2014 Worlds Training Hall

dmitry-klokov-warm-up Almaty Worlds

Here is a Dmitry Klokov warming up in the 2014 Worlds Training Hall. Many athletes used something like ABC heat creme before they started their warm-ups (the hall filled with that distinct smell). Dmitry Klokov does it the classical way – with movement. More: Watch his 200kg Snatch in the Worlds Training Hall. His Full […]

Angela Candage Parra (58kg) 145kg Front Squat *Update* 170kg Back Squat


Meanwhile at Average Broz’s Gymnasium … Angela Candage Parra (58kg) Front Squats 145kg She's at it again. The PR train continues: 145kg (319) at 58kg (128) #frontsquat from @angiecandy58 Followed this with 135 (297) for 3×2 for another PR. #squateveryday #gym #girlswhosquat #squat #snatch #weightlifting #clean #chickswholift Film zamieszczony przez użytkownika Average Broz Gymnasium (@averagebroz) […]

Om Yun Chol 168kg Clean & Jerk Almaty 2014 World Championships


Here is Om Yun Chol’s 168kg (Triple Bodyweight) Clean & Jerk from the 2014 World Championships. Update: This Still Frame makes a nice desktop wallpaper I think. (Make sure you watch in 1080p50 for the best experience) (Video also on Facebook and Instagram @atginsta) After missing both his openers in the Snatch and C&J and […]

Olga Zubova 130kg Snatch + 165kg Clean & Jerk


Meanwhile in Russia … Here is an update from Olga Zubova (75kg). Earlier in December she competed at a local competition (Krajewski Memorial Cup) in St. Petersburg. Since she is till banned she did not take part in the official competition, but lifted after the competition was over. Snatch: 125, 130 kg, 135х Clean & Jerk: […]