Ruslan Nurudinov Weightlifting World Podcast

Ruslan Nurudinov Weightlifting World Podcast

The Weightlifting World Podcast had Ruslan Nurudinov on the show. They interviewed him while he was in the training camp in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He is 2009 Junior Champion (85kg), 2012 Asian Champion and 2013 World Champion. Watch his 190kg Snatch + 235kg Clean & Jerk that made him 2013 World Champion in 105kg. Despite of the minor language barrier they got some […]

Marina Kaneva 170kg Squat at 66kg


Meanwhile in Russia … Here is an ATG first timer. Meet 21 year old Marina Kaneva (@mari7972 on instagram). She won the 2013 European Junior Championships 69kg (93+120 at 64.15kg). Currently she weighs in at 66kg. Her current PRs are: 100kg Snatch 128kg Clean & Jerk 170kg Squat She also does weighted Dips @25kg for sets […]

Mohamed Ehab Inverted Weighted Wall Bars Sit Ups + 150kg Hang Snatch


Meanwhile in Egypt … Mohamed Ehab (69kg) shows us a brutal ab exercise variation Inverted Weighted Sit Ups on Wall Bars Post by Mohamed Ehab. And to back up his creative choice of accessory exercises, here is a 150kg Hang Snatch! Post by Mohamed Ehab. Best of Mohamed: his 190kg Clean & Jerk 155kg Snatch […]