Back to the Basics – Lying Triceps Extension

Mark Rippetoe goes through the details of the Lying Triceps Extension, which he calls the fourth powerlift.

An important exercise that will help you improve your bench press.

The long head of the triceps muscle crosses multiple joints. Muscles that do that have a distal and a proximal function.

Distal function: elbow extension
Proximal function: shoulder extension

Therefore an effective triceps training must include both movemets, shoulder extension and elbow extension

He uses an EZ curl bar and explains the effect and differences of how supination and pronation of your forearms does affect triceps and biceps.

Key Points

  • first flex the elbow then the move the shoulder
  • no skull crusher method, because we want to include the shoulder extension component of the exercise
  • incorporate Stretch Reflex at the bottom