Dmitry Klokov on Front Squats, Hyperextensions, Squat Jumps & More

Dmitry Klokov on Andrey Skoromniy’s Body Time Part 2

Meanwhile in Russia … Dmitry Klokov was again guest on Andrey Skoromniy’s “Body Time”. Unlike his other recent interviews this Body Time episode is again more focused on training and exercises. Read the translation of his first appearance on the show here (has info about his Stiff Legged Deadlifts and more). Once again big thanks to Sergiy […]

Dmitry Klokov Tours The Ruza Training Camp

Dmitry Klokov Tours The Ruza Training Camp

Meanwhile in Russia … Dmitry Klokov visited the training camp in Ruza. (Watch his Tour of the Taganrog camp here.) Note / Translation from Sergiy Turchyn: Chingiz is preparing for Worlds along with Ruslan Albegov, Alexey Lovchev, Dmitry Lapikov. Lapikov is disappointed in the Snatch at Russian nationals. Does not give a clear answer about […]

Dmitry Klokov Interview “On Par” Update: Part 3 Added


Meanwhile in Russia … Dmitry Klokov sat down for his own “On Par” interview with Alexander Zakharov. Thank him for doing this interview and subscribe to his channel for more weightlifting videos. If you (like me at first) thought that after the many interviews Dmitry gave in the recent past, there wasn’t anything new we […]

Dmitry Klokov Back Hyperextensions *Update*

Dmitry Klokov Back Hyperextensions

(Originally Posted Jul 1st, 2013) Meanwhile in Russia … Let’s train some “Backceps”! Dmitry Klokov shows you one of the most basic, yet most useful back assistance exercise. Hyperextensions with 80kg using a pommel horse and wall bars. Update: You can also try the Lying version Apti Aukhadov shows here. More: check out previous Back Extension/ Back […]

Dmitry Klokov on Barbell Shrugged

Dmitry Klokov on Barbell Shrugged

The Barbell Shrugged crew got to interview Dmitry Klokov while he was at the USAW Nationals! His English has really improved a lot! [2:30] “if you want to be  a professional athlete you sometimes have to drink” (alcohol). On Saturday after training, sauna, massage. [9:00] biggest problem is his right shoulder. 2006 in prep for his 2nd world championships he […]