Dmitry Berestov & Dmitry Klokov Training Session in Chekhov *Translation Added*

Dmitry Berestov & Dmitry Klokov Training Session in Chekhov

Earlier this week Dmitry Klokov and Dmitry Berestov had a little private training session in the national training center in Chekhov. They are not going too heavy (170kg pause Snatch though), but it’s nice to see a tour of the facility (click here for a tour of David Rigert’s Weightlifting Academy in Taganrog). Update: Read […]

Day in the Life of Dmitry Klokov

Day in the Life of Dmitry Klokov

Meanwhile in Russia … Video Blogger Misha Prygunov, followed Dmitry Klokov around for a day. It’s 2 hours and in Russian, but just from watching it confirms my view of Dmitry – always working on something. They visit the Winner Sportswear offices and the place where his clothes are produced (all sewn by hand!), train […]

Dmitry Klokov 200kg Snatch at Almaty 2014 Worlds Training Hall

Dmitry Klokov 200kg Snatch at World Championship Training Hall

Meanwhile in Kazakhstan … Dmitry Klokov is currently at the World Championships and having a look. While he is there he figures he can get some training lifts in, who wouldn’t want to train amongst other world champions? His Bodyweight is currently 110kg, this 200kg snatch is the first time snatching 200 since his preparation for […]

Dmitry Klokov 191kg Thruster


Meanwhile in Australia … Dmitry Klokov PRs his Thruster with 191kg (watch 190kg here) at one of his Seminars. And as he said in his latest interview: You can’t train like I do and push around weights like 240kg. you just can’t, but Snatching 190, that’s not really a problem” Here’s a 190kg Snatch