Lu Xiaojun Back Exercise “Lu Rows”

lu back exercise cover

Over at his blog Rob Macklem posted this sequence of Lu Xiaojun getting his Back Pump on in the worlds training hall. Usually I am not a fan of naming exercises after athletes, but “Round Back Deficit Snatch Grip Deadlift Row” is just too long. So I’m just going to call them Lu Rows for now (since “Chinese Rows” is already taken) . From […]

Dmitry Klokov Back Hyperextensions *Update*

Dmitry Klokov Back Hyperextensions

(Originally Posted Jul 1st, 2013) Meanwhile in Russia … Let’s train some “Backceps”! Dmitry Klokov shows you one of the most basic, yet most useful back assistance exercise. Hyperextensions with 80kg using a pommel horse and wall bars. Update: You can also try the Lying version Apti Aukhadov shows here. More: check out previous Back Extension/ Back […]

Apti Aukhadov Lying Back Extensions *Update*


Meanwhile in Russia Apti Aukhadov shows that you don’t need a fancy apparatus to train your spinal erectors. You do however need a 185kg Snatcher to hold down your legs… Here Apti does Lying Back (Hyper) Extensions, sometimes also called “weighted Supermans”, with the help of Adam Maligov. By the way, that’s the same approach we saw from […]

Apti Aukhadov Seated Muscle Snatch + BTN Snatch Press Shoulder Workout


Meanwhile in Russia … Apti Aukhadov shows a little shoulder isolation workout. Apti Shoulder Pump 3000: Seated Muscle Snatch Seated Klokov Press (Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Press) Snatch Grip Press in Deep Squat Position (DSP™) Video on Facebook Post by Crossfit Tipperary.   Also check out Dmitry Klokov’s Snatch Grip Front Raises in Squat […]

Mohamed Ehab Inverted Weighted Wall Bars Sit Ups + 150kg Hang Snatch


Meanwhile in Egypt … Mohamed Ehab (69kg) shows us a brutal ab exercise variation Inverted Weighted Sit Ups on Wall Bars Post by Mohamed Ehab. And to back up his creative choice of accessory exercises, here is a 150kg Hang Snatch! Post by Mohamed Ehab. Best of Mohamed: his 190kg Clean & Jerk 155kg Snatch […]