Nadezda Evstyukhina Snatch Assistance Exercise

Nadezda Evstyukhina Snatch Assistance Exercise

Meanwhile in Russia … Nadezda Evstyukhina shows Snatch assistance exercise. Looks like a warm-up exercise for her. She writes that it is useful for improving the Deep Squat Position during the catch, as well as overhead stability. Note that even with her 135kg Snatch, she uses “only” 70kg (or 65 if that’s a women’s bar). […]

Band Resisted Sit Ups


Clint Darden shows you Band Resisted Sit Ups for constant tension. Throw these into your bag of tricks. While you at it also give Band Resisted Jackknife‬s‏ a try. More Effective Abs / Core Exercises: Weighted Hanging Leg Raises with Apti Aukhadov Hanging Leg Raise Variations GHD Russian Twists

Isometric Leg Extension Holds

Mohamed Ehab Isometric Leg Extension

I recently came across a photo of Mohamed Ehab (155kg Snatch) doing some low tech Isometric Leg Extension Holds. So I asked him about some details about this exercise. He does: 3 sets 20 second static hold with 90kg He uses it for the prevention of injuries, especially the knee joint. Very difficult, but very useful. Have […]

L-Sit Progressions

L Sit Progressions

David Durante talks Chris Spealler through some L-Sit progressions. As with everything in gymnastics… looks deceivingly simple, yet it’s not. Since this is just a 2 minute video it can’t show all there is to that exercise. In Building the Gymnastic Body the progressions are broken down even further. (Arms locked at all times) L […]

Weighted Reverse Plank

Weighted-Reverse Plank Chinese Weightlifting

Meanwhile in China … You know that planks (like all static exercises) don’t rank particularly high on my favorite exercises list. That is unless they are done with extra weight of course. We saw planks in different variations here, here or even one from Ilya here. One variation that was missing was the  Weighted Reverse Plank: […]

Car Push Team Workout

Car Push Team Workout

Here is a cool team workout. In a recent Barbell Shrugged Podcast episode Doug showed how to do Car Pushes. A great substitute for all us Prowlerless people. Pretty straightforward exercise. As Doug says in the video, your arms should be locked at all times and you should keep your body as low as possible. […]