Ankle ROM for Squatting Mobility WOD

Ankle ROM for Squatting MWOD

Kelly Starrett works ankle mobility. Nothing fancy, just camping out in good position (not letting the arch collapse and knees come in). This pretty much describes my ankle issues.Too tight to let me reach proper squat depth without elevated heels (on plates or oly shoes). If there only was such a thing as Achilles tendon implants / enlargement. I would get that.

Calf / Ankle Stretching with Machines

Charles Poliquin posted something about low squatting a.k.a. squatting. Because if it ain’t low it’s not a squat. In tip 3 he suggests using the calf raise machines (seated & standing) to get a maximum stretch. Standing Calf Raise Machine, 3-5 rounds with knees locked (to stretch the soleus and the gastrocnemius) lower your heels as low as […]

Full Depth ATG Squat Instruction from California Strength

Squat Coaching Points with David Spitz

California Strength owner and coach, David Spitz, goes through coaching points and lower body stretches for a Full Depth Squat (ATG). And for good measure Max Aita shows how it is done with 300 kg (660 pounds). Positions: for high bar back squat vertical posture throughout the movement hips like a bucket of water, no tilting forward , keep it leveled […]

Soft Tissue Massage Resource Athletes Treating Athletes

Soft Tissue Massage Resource

This is worth a bookmark. Athletes Treating Athletes is a great resource for all your soft tissue needs. If the daily grind has taken its toll and caused some overuse injuries this site will be of value for you. It offers detailed explanations of Self muscle massage, active muscle/tendon mobilizations, and joint mobilization techniques to restore […]