Weightlifting Scoop Podcast #41 – First Meets & Competition Coaching


On Weightlifting Scoop #41 Glenn Pendlay, Don McCauley and Travis Cooper sat down to talk about First Meets & Competition Coaching. Download: link to mp3 (66mb, right click + ‘save as’) First Meet: don’t open with something you can’t double (around 90%) prioritize making lifts, not cutting weight they also talk about timing your warm up […]

Glenn Pendlay Donny Shankle Reddit AMA

Glenn Pendlay Donny Shankle AMA Reddit

Today (June 20th) at 6PM EST Glenn Pendlay & Donny Shankle will be doing an AMA on Reddit’s r/weightroom. They will be promoting the Kickstarter Project The Artist & The Olympian (previously mentioned here) as well as answering your questions. With 3 days to go people have already pledged $6,388 of $15,000. Update: This is Glenn Pendlay’s Reddit […]

Glenn Pendlay Q&A


Glenn Pendlay did a Q&A session on his ustream and gave away some good advice. Topics: [00:20] high blocks do more reps with higher weight, use them once or twice a week [03:30] doing push presses for bigger overhead presses, press 3 times a week with a variety of exercises [06:45] front rack position partner stretch [14:20] Adam […]

OTC Weightlifting Schedule

Glenn Pendlay gives a quick rundown of the weightlifting training schedule at the OTC. Monday, Wednesday, Friday training two times per day morning mostly snatch stuff, 4-5 exercises afternoon mostly clean and jerk stuff, 4-5 exercises Monday is concentrated on high blocks Wednesday on blocks below the knee Friday from floor Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday mostly […]

Press in Split Q&A with Glenn & Donny

Press in Split Q&A with Glenn & Donny

Glenn Pendlay anf Donny Shankle sat down to adress some question they received on Donny’s Press in Split Drills and Split Jerk Foot Position video. Notes: Q: How wide should the feet be in the split?A: slightly wider than shoulder widths Q: What about the back foot position?A: back heel outward, don’t rotate (knee can’t drop) Q: What about the […]

Explosive Lunge Box Jump

Explosive Lunge Box Jump

Glenn Pendlay Katie shows you a plyometric exercise. Explosive Lunge Box Jump Perfect if you need to jump off one foot in your sports. Personally I’m not that interest in jumping higher. But there is something about this video that made me want to watch this. from a deep lunge jump on to a box land with you forward […]

70’s Big Podcast with Glenn Pendlay

Here is some gym talk for your Friday commute. Justin Lascek  and Glenn Pendlay talk weightlifting in Episode #9 of the 70’s Big Podcast. Topics: Push-press utility What kind of emphasis or frequency strength training would have in a weightlifting program as a trainee advances from beginner and beyond Pulling from blocks Being an Olympic weightlifter without […]

Hip and Ankle Stretches for Olympic Weightlifting


After showing the Upper Body Stretches for Olympic Weightlifting Glenn Pendlay also has some Flexibility Exercises for the Lower Body in Olympic Weightlifting. More useful stretches on Mobility 101. Elbows Against Knees Hip Stretch Assisted Squat Flexibility Exercise Update: Added YouTube video below. These are hip and ankle mobilty exercises specifically for the catch position in the Olympic lifts, but also for front […]