Increase Ankle and Hip ROM Mobility WOD

Increase Ankle and Hip ROM MWOD

Kelly Starrett with another ankle range of motion and hip mobility WOD. This time he attacks the areas with some cheap bike inner tubes instead of fancy first world rubber bands. Ankle – 2-3 minutes band distracted ankle stretch (front / back), oscillate, press into corners calf on wall, press hip to wall (squeeze glutes), contract relax, […]

Increasing Hip ROM Mobility WOD

Increasing Hip ROM MWOD

Kelly Starrett has some ideas to increase your hip range of motion (ROM). This MWOD focuses on the hip flexors, especially psoas major. Problem: When athletes are missing hip flexion they often end up in over extension. Treatment:  massage yourself, don’t be passive, add movement use a weighted lacrosse and the usual tack and stretch method […]

Get your hip ready for some lifting Mobility WOD

Get your hip ready for some lifting MWOD

Kelly Starrett and Jami Tikkanen have a nice modification to that classic lying “squat against a wall” band drill. This one you can squeeze in before your lifting session to get your hip area ready for action. By getting into the shown figure four position you are simultaneously working external and internal rotation. Plus, the […]