Dmitry & Evgeny Conversation Contest


After seeing the 205 kg snatch video I thought we could have a little caption contest. Instruction: Download the blank template below and create your own, like Evgeny did. Upload your awesome panel to Post a link in the comments. Download template: (right click + ‘save as’) JPEG image with blank bubbles, without layers Layered PSD let’s […]

Fierljeppen a.k.a Far Leaping – Sport of the Day

Fierljeppen a.k.a Far Leaping – Sport of the Day

Dudes, I know it’s bench day. But check out Fierljeppen. Pole vault climb for max distance across a river. (lit. far-leaping) is a traditional sport of the Frisians and of the Dutch. And these guys take some serious impacts. I want that included in the Olympics. Below you will see Bart Helmholt doing his thing. Also check […]

Curls in the Squat Rack

Check out this Curls in the Squat Rack with a Happy Ending story by a redditor. At the gym today, and I had been waiting for the guy in the squat rack to finish up so I could do my set. I’m grabbing some water real quick, and notice that when I come back, a group of […]