IWF Lift the World Documentary

IWF Lift the World Documentary

It’s finally here: Lift the World by the International Weightlifting Federation. It’s meant to introduce weightlifting to a general audience, which means that you won’t see the craziest training lifts or the latest discussions about training programs. No, it’s about the people and the passion behind the world’s best sport. I think you’ll agree that […]

Chinese Weightlifting Men’s 2015 Winter Training *Update* Part 2 Wu Jingbiao 135kg Snatch


Meanwhile in China … Quick clip from the Chinese winter training camp (where Tian Tao also C&Jed 220kg). Update: Part 2 with Wu Jingbiao Snatching 135kg! Also Ding Jianjun 170kg Front Squat, Li Fabin 170kg Jerk, Lu Haojie 140kg Snatch, Zhang Jie 190kg Front Squat. Translation of Part 2 Thanks to Tim> Narrator: Every year […]

Lu Xiaojun Bottom Up Overhead Squats *Update* 220kg


Meanwhile in China … Lu Xiaojun does Bottom-up Overhead Squats (Dead Overhead Squats) with 180kg. Here, Lu Xiaojun is using this movement during a mid-week session to train his support strength and practice his balance in the catch position. Notice how he finds his balance point before standing. (via Ma Strength) Update 21.01.2015: Liao Hui does it with […]

Lu Xiaojun Back Exercise “Lu Rows”

lu back exercise cover

Over at his blog Rob Macklem posted this sequence of Lu Xiaojun getting his Back Pump on in the worlds training hall. Usually I am not a fan of naming exercises after athletes, but “Round Back Deficit Snatch Grip Deadlift Row” is just too long. So I’m just going to call them Lu Rows for now (since “Chinese Rows” is already taken) . From […]

Lu Xiaojun 175kg Snatch + 200kg Clean & Jerk 2014 Asian Games *Update* Short Interview

Lu Xiaojun 175kg Snatch + 200kg Clean & Jerk 2014 Asian Games *Update* Interview Needs Translation

Meanwhile in Korea … at the 2014 Asian Games. Here are Lu Xiaojun’s lifts from the 77kg Session: It started out pretty normal. He went 3/3 in the Snatch with 165, 170 and 175. All lifts very solid. In the Clean & Jerk however he missed his first two attempts at 200kg! Luckily he made his […]