John Meadows on Biojacked Radio Podcast


Here are 2 hours of training & nutrition talk. John Meadows was guest on Keifer’s Biojacked Radio Podcast. John’s appearance starts at 18 minutes in. Topics: diet, timing carb intake, carbs in the evening, intra workout nutrition accommodating resistance training (chains), recruiting more motor units lagging research calf training, pre exhousting soleus, training tibialis anterior Download Audio: Part […]

Dr. Lonnie Lowery talks Protein


Iron Radio’s Dr. Lonnie Lowery was guest on the Stealth Body Podcast. They talk about what modern research says about protein consumption. Download Audio: link to mp3 (right click + ‘save as’) Mentioned paper: Dietary protein safety and resistance exercise: what do we really know?

Science & The Paleo Diet Podcast


This is for all you paleo diet peeps. Just finished listening to Revolution Health Radio with Chris Kresser and Matt Lalonde. Topic: What Science Really Says About the Paleo Diet I was surprised about the measured approach they take in this episode. Definitely worth a listen. Download Audio: link to mp3 (right click + ‘save as’)

Protein Powder Analysis

Protein Powders Analysis

Update: Here is another test. A while back redditor physicistjedi offered to test the content of whey protein powders. People sent in their little samples. And now here are the results (Google Docs Spreadsheet), thread here. Because solubility plays a big part in measuring the protein content, he assigned a solubility index to each of the probes. […]