Wrist & Hand Squence Mobility WOD

Wrist & Hand Squence MWOD

More wrist prehab goodness from Kit Laughlin. Today the Wrist and Hand Sequence. Not only great if you spend a lot of time doing handstands, but also good for all you people with tweaked wrists from snatches and clean and jerks. Check out more drills on Mobility 101. Update: Here is another very nice wrist routine in Finnish.

Biceps Tear Rehab & Prehab – Fitness Pain Free Podcast


I recently listened to Fitness Pain Free Podcast with Stongman Brett Somerville. Topic: Biceps Tears Something that is pretty common among strongman competitors. Just recently Terry Hollands tore his at the 2012 WSM Rock Lift. Hopefully you will be spared this nuisance. Here is how Brett went about his rehab work. It is a damn slow process: first […]

Kelly Starrett on Icing

Kelly Starrett on RICE

Kelly Starrett, together with Gary Reinl put out a lengthy video about Icing and R.I.C.E.. On first sight, it all seems to make sense and caters to your intuition. Increasing circulation = good; restricting nutrient flow & shutting down the signals between muscles and nerves = bad. Don’t get me wrong, if you need to make […]

Hip Pain from Squats

Because I received a couple of questions regarding this topic I thought I’d point you to a post on reddit where user Zodam shared some advice on how he got rid of the hip flexor pain he got from squatting. Strengthen and ACTIVATE glutes Fix bar positioning (Rippetoe on Low Bar Position) Work on ankle mobility Pain […]