Syrtsov on Klokov & Akkaev


A reader submitted this article where Sergey Syrtsov, president of the Russian Weightlifting Federation, discusses Slivenko, Klokov and Akkaev. Syrtsov’s finds some pretty harsh words: “Даже не так обидно с Аккаевым, потому что ему действительно была проведена операция уже в Лондоне, а Клоков и Сливенко очень сильно подвели команду.” Translation: The situation is not as sorry with […]

David Rigert Profile

David Rigert Profile

Get a glimpse into the mind of David Rigert. Vladimir, who already put subtitles in the Klokov & Akkaev training camp video, just finished translating the David Rigert profile video. Thanks for putting in the work Vladimir!

Akkaev Comments on his Injury and Future

Khadzhimurat Akkaev

Update: So apparently he wants to lift! Khadzhimurat Akkaev comments on his current situation and future plans after missing out on London 2012. Google translated interview is still rough. Please correct the things it butchered. Akkaev: But, honestly, I have little doubt tormented, which may bring health. And as luck would have it a premonition proved […]

Klokov & Akkaev in Camp Chekhov before London 2012

Klokov & Akkaev in Camp Chekhov before London 2012

Here is a gem while we are waiting for the London 105kg. A 20 minute video featuring Dmitry Klokov and Khadzhimurat Akkaev in camp Chekhov taken on or just before July 20th, when the whole team was there and getting ready to leave for London. Has lots of interviews and seems to look ahead of their battle […]

Background Information on the Lapikov Video

Dmitry Lapikov 215kg Snatch

So you saw the video of Dmitry Lapikov snatching 215kg. I received some background information about the this. The source wants to remain anonymous, but proved to have some very detailed insider knowledge about Russian weightlifting politics. Here is the mail I received (published with permission). Some parts have been left out to ensure anonymity. I […]