Preliminary Russian Weightlifting Team for London

Preliminary Russian Weightlifting Team

Preliminary because it will be finalized on July 8th. July 9th the final team will come together in the Chekhov training camp near Moscow. Update: Final team announced. Men 94kg: Alexandr Ivanov and Andrey Demanov 105kg: Khadzhimurat Akkaev and Dmitry Klokov +105kg: Ruslan Albegov Women 63kg: Svetlana Tsarukayeva 69kg: Oksana Slivenko 75kg: Nadezda Evstyukhina +75kg: Tatiana Kashirina Potential candidates: 63kg: Marina Shainova 75kg:  Natalia […]

Why Mikhail Koklyaev didn’t make the Russian Team

Rigert Syrtsov Press Conference

A member of the Sugden Barbell forum translated the key parts regarding Mikhail Koklyaev exclusion from the Russian weightlifting team. not performing well in competitions outside Russia they didn’t want to take the risk of somebody missing a drug test Rigert: “But lets continue on this same subject, in order to make things completely clear. There is, […]

Ruslan Albegov 210kg Snatch + 250kg Clean & Jerk

Ruslan Albegov 210kg Snatch

Ruslan Albegov won the +105kg at the 2012 Russian Weightlifting Championships. 210kg in the Snatch and 250kg in the Clean & Jerk (missed 255kg on his 3rd). Chingiz Mogushkov got second 438kg (201kg Snatch, 237kg C&J, x251kg, x251kg), Evgeny Chigishev got third 437kg (202kg Snatch, 235kg C&J, x242kg). So it is pretty likely that Albegov will […]

2012 Russian Weightlifting Championships

2012 Russian Weightlifting Championships

It’s time for the 2012 Russian Weightlifting Nationals. Results If the videos are blocked in your country, try ProxMate of +105kg Snatch Ruslan Albegov 210kg Chingiz Mogushkov got second 438kg (201kg Snatch, 237kg C&J, x251kg, x251kg). Evgeny Chigishev got third 437kg (202kg Snatch, 235kg C&J, x242kg). +105kg Top 3 Hightlights Video +105kg Clean & Jerk Ruslan Albegov with […]