Artem Okulov 190kg, 180kg x2 Hang Snatch *Updated* with Interview

artem okulov 190kg snatch from hang

(Originally posted March 22, 2014. See Updates) Meanwhile in Russia … Still only 19 years old Artem Okulov gets a 190kg Hang Snatch! Update: I asked Artem about his weight. He was 88kg in the video! Update: Jump to the interview below. Just for reference: the 94kg Snatch World Record still stands at 188kg. Simply amazing. Also […]

Artem Okulov 160kg x3 Snatch

Artem Okulov 160 x3 Snatch

Meanwhile in Russia … With 3 weeks out from the 2014 Europeans (03-13 April 2014) here is a quick update from Artem Okulov (85kg) in the Ruza training camp. 160kg Snatch x3 Also notice how during these lifts the weight distribution change in his feet becomes very obvious. Bob Takano had some cool graphics about weight distribution […]

Khetag Khugaev 164kg Snatch 196kg C&J at 85kg 16 y/o

Khetag Khugaev 164kg Snatch 85kg 16 years

Meanwhile in Russia … Remember Khetag Khugaev? Let me help you: in 2011 at 56kg he did 80+100 then 174kg Clean at age 14 150kg Snatch at 15 (and 81.3kg) and 2013 European U17 Champion … Now at age 16 years he won the Russian U17 Championships 85kg category with 164+196=360! Let that sink in for a second. His […]