Stanford’s Cooling Glove for Recovery

Stanford’s Cooling Glove for Recovery

Stanford researchers have developed a vacuum cooling glove that rapidly cools body temperature, greatly improves exercise recovery, and could help explain why muscles get tired. Why a glove? There you have a special network of veins. These networks of veins, known as AVAs (arteriovenous anastomoses) seem exclusively devoted to rapid temperature management. They don’t supply […]

Strength of Evidence Podcast #1


This was long overdue. Strength of Evidence Podcast (iTunes, Facebook) – a skeptical fitness podcast. Jon Fass, who you may know as a co-host of the Fitcast & Bret Contreras teamed up to take a look at at what the strength & conditioning, rehabilitation, fitness research really says. Topics: Evidence based decision making Hierarchy of Knowledge Logical Fallacies the Placebo Effect Where Research […]

Doping: Supervision Instead of Bans

Doping: Supervision Instead of Ban

This was a good read. Current (article is from 2007) anti-doping policy: a critical appraisal. The authors took a look at common anit-doping arguments: the level playing field argument protecting the athlete’s health the concern for professional integrity the concern about unnecessary risk taking and come to the conclusion that: We believe that current anti-doping does […] Supplement Resource


Have you recently taken a look at It’s been a while since I first mentioned the supplement wiki. And it has grown quite a bit. Here for example is the entry on fish oil. Also, one of the creators, Silverhydra, offered some interesting insights he got, putting the fish oil page together.

After Workout Massages

A study published by Canadian researchers in Science Translational Medicine confirmed what many athletes already knew. Study: “Massage Therapy Attenuates Inflammatory Signaling After Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage” intense bicycle training one thigh was massaged one muscle for 10 minutes then they took tissue samples from both thighs and compared them Result: massaged thigh had lower inflammatory markers increased […]