Fernando Reis 230kg Snatch Balance


Meanwhile in Brazil … Fernando Reis Snatch Balances 230kg. I believe the ATG record for this exercise is still held by Mikhail Koklyaev with 240kg. Final de arranco com 230 k,trabalho de fixação com o técnico Luis Lopes…..”quando o trabalho é facil é facil,quando o trabalho é dificil é dificil ” by Luis Lopes kkk Drop […]

Nadezhda Evstyukhina Snatch Assistance Exercise

Nadezda Evstyukhina Snatch Assistance Exercise

Meanwhile in Russia … Nadezhda Evstyukhina shows Snatch assistance exercise. Looks like a warm-up exercise for her. She writes that it is useful for improving the Deep Squat Position during the catch, as well as overhead stability. Note that even with her 135kg Snatch, she uses “only” 70kg (or 65 if that’s a women’s bar). […]

Olympic Weightlifting Exercise Videos by Sean Waxman

Olympic Weightlifting Exercise Videos by Sean Waxman

Everybody check out Sean Waxman’s YouTube Channel. He uploaded a couple of Olympic weightlifting exercise videos. Update: Thanks to Neil for pointing out that these videos are part of Sean Waxman’s new project, Weightlifting WOD. Snatch Press From the Squat (aka Sots Press) Pressing Snatch Balance Other Videos: Snatch Pull Snatch Pull From Blocks Above the […]