WliftPro YouTube Channel

W-lift - YouTube

And if you havn’t already, subscribe to the WliftPro Channel on YouTube. The guy is uploading lots of recent & past weightlifting gems. Like this video of 1987 World Weightlifting Championships. Featuring Antonio Krastev’s 216kg Snatch and lifts by Leonid Taranenko. Bulgaria’s Borislav Gidikov winning the 75kg category of 1987 Or Highlights from the 1996 Olympics +108kg Profile of […]

Exercise Ball Filled with Water

Exercise Ball Filled with Water

When it comes to lifting odd objects a stability ball filled with water reigns supreme. Ross Enamait has a video of it. He says that he filled that things with over 100 pounds of water. First I was skeptical about the durability, but as as you can see Ross man handles that thing pretty good. Great […]

Russian’s Way to the Olympics

Russian’s Way to the Olympics

Thanks to Anna for sending in this video of a Russian tv show called “The Way to the Olympics”. It has some footage from the men’s training camp in Taganrog (8:25) as well as the women’s training camp in Rouza (14:25). As always it would be great if anyone of you could sum up the […]

Julia Rohde Profile

Julia Rohde

What’s a good opportunity to post something about Julia Rohde? That’s right any reason is a good one. In the short video below she talks about the usual stereotypes that come with being a weightlifter. She says most people think that female weightlifter are big, heavy and (giggles) ugly. But adds that in the lighter weight classes […]

Aurimas Didzbalis Tests Positive – Out of Olympics


94kg Lithuanian powerhouse Aurimas Didzbalis lost his European silver medal. He failed a doping test, thus costing his country its only Olympic spot. In the statement, the Lithuanian weightlifting federation said that its international counterpart had on July 6 reported that a urine sample taken from the 21-year-old was found to contain a substance that exceeded […]