Compression Band Ankle Dorsiflexion Mobility WOD

Update: After watching this, check out Part 2 for a MWOD with half a lacrosse ball.

Kelly Starrett showing you how to get that bit more dorsiflexion.

Tool: compression band

You may remember these compression straps from the Donnie Thompson Shoulder Fix MOWD 205 or from the knee MWOD here (They use the PT Strength Strips from

Not sure though how much of the effect is achieved by the band compression vs doing 10 one legged calf raises. But try it yourself and see if it works.

Check out more drills on Mobility 101.

And here he is working one on one on a patients ankle.

  • Shane

    Hey so I snowboard. And I messed up something in my interior ankle. Dr told me it was the deltoid ligament. It hurts when i try to stand on my toe with that foot, or do a toeside turn on a snowboard. What do you think would be some good therapy for that?