DIY Jerk Box Construction Resources

Some Jerk Boxes / Blocks bookmarks for later reference

Jerk Block Building Tutorial by Greg Everett
48″ x 24″ boxes, ~ $300
40″ x 24″ boxes, ~ $160

Jerk Box Construction by Les Simonton
40″ x 20″ boxes, detailed construction plans

Greg Everett in modifying the Jerk Box Tutorial to built Pulling Blocks

If you just want Pulling Blocks check out the Stair Blocks.

  • Christopher Ramsey

    Great work man!

  • Sam

    Is the video of the 40″ or 48″?

  • Heavey

    Jerk boxes look great. I also followed the catalyst athletics instructions, but made a couple mods to lighten (and cheapen) them up a bit. They’re fantastic, in case you’re interested you can see them here: