DIY Jerk Box Construction Resources

Some Jerk Boxes / Blocks bookmarks for later reference

Jerk Block Building Tutorial by Greg Everett
48″ x 24″ boxes, ~ $300
40″ x 24″ boxes, ~ $160

Jerk Box Construction by Les Simonton
40″ x 20″ boxes, detailed construction plans

Greg Everett in modifying the Jerk Box Tutorial to built Pulling Blocks

If you just want Pulling Blocks check out the Stair Blocks.

Here Donny Shankle shows how he constructed the top part of a jerk block.

  • Christopher Ramsey

    Great work man!

  • Sam

    Is the video of the 40″ or 48″?

  • Heavey

    Jerk boxes look great. I also followed the catalyst athletics instructions, but made a couple mods to lighten (and cheapen) them up a bit. They’re fantastic, in case you’re interested you can see them here: