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DIY Yoke Squat Stand

DIY Yoke Squat Stand

Time to highlight an awesome piece of DIY equipment.
After seeing the Car Rims Squat Stand post reader Rolf  shared his DIY Yoke Squat Stand construction with me. This thing can replace your entire gym.

Below is Rolf’s explanation.

DIY Yoke Squat Stand disassembled



I didn’t want to just buy a squat rack, because none of the commercial ones would fit into my tiny storage room.

A disassembled Yoke on the other hand would fits much better.

The problem was that none of the commercially available ones were easy to get to europe. So I decided to build my own.

The design originated from the commercial yokes (Sorinex and Rogue) with the difference that the legs are not as high.

So – in theory – I can still transport it  in my car.

In addition to that, I also made the middle part a bit higher, so I achieve a total height of 2.2 meters.

You have to tip the yoke on the side to assemble and disassemble it.

Yoke Squat Stand Assemble

But you get used to it very quick and the whole procedure only takes me 2 minutes.



Notes on the Sketch

DIY Yoke Squat Stand Construction Plan Blueprint

Detailed Photos

Yoke Squat Stand Hooks Detail
DIY Yoke Squat Stand as Dip Station

Rack made from pipes cut at 45 degrees. Dip Bars Attachment All Assembled

DIY Yoke Squat Stand Full

Exercises you can do with it

Plans for the Future

Do you have also have a cool DIY project you want show here? Contact me.

DIY Yoke Squat Stand is a post by Gregor Winter from All Things Gym.