Dmitry & Evgeny Conversation – Your Submissions

In case you didn’t follow the Dmitry Klokov & Evgeny Chigishev Conversation Contest, here are the submissions.

Thanks to everyone for taking part in it. We’ll do that again.

If you have ideas for a new speech bubble / caption contest templates, let me know in the comments or via the Got Input? page.

Here are the submissions:

esko’s entries:

Damon’s entry: Straps don’t count

Dipankar’s entry: Evgeny just appreciating a good joke

Paul’s entry: Afro Mullet Advice

Anonymous: Evgeny isn’t impressed


  • asesumikolas

    You definetly HAVE to do something like this again!  I was laughing at the rigert and shankle ones.

    • GregorATG

      Yeah esko did a great job with these.

      Love that kind of inside humor.

      • Dipankar Mohanty

        esko was awesome!!

  • Paul

    I think you definitely have to do something like this again! Esko’s entries were awesome – sort of makes mine look more terrible than it already was :/

    But when you see another opportunity for something like this do it again Gregor, this idea got good feedback so will can only continue to improve!

    • GregorATG

      Definitely will do that again…
      Still looking for a new idea though.

      The Dmitry & Evgeny thing was predestined to be speech bubbly-fied.

      And thanks for getting the ball rolling on the first one.