Dmitry Klokov Anterior Ankle / Quad Stretch

Here is Dmitry Klokov stretching his Tibialis anterior muscle together with all the little muscles in the feet.

Similar to the stretches Kevin Cornell showed us.

You can see Dmitry’s complete warm-up  routine here.

Check out more drills on Mobility 101 for more.

Dmitry Klokov Ankle Stretch Tibialis Anterior

Thanks to Emilia for letting me post the photo.

Update: Video of the stretch / Warm up (at 2:03)

  • Fitness Reez

     homey looks like a fucking pretzel. da fuq. mirin that flexibility tho shooot

  • Joesirihas

    Anyone got a video of how to get in and out of this one?

  • Adam


    U mirin brah?

  • L337

    this is also klokov

  • L337
    • GregorATG

      Flexibility of a gymnast.

  • Joe sirihas

    better do static streches such as these before or after workout? Always thought dynamic before, static after. 

    • GregorATG

      You are correct. We don’t know if this photo was taken pre or post workout or even if he was holding this position for some time. 
      The position he is in makes it look like he is rocking back and forth. So it may be dynamic work.

  • Colt_kalle

    I wonder how Klokov got his overhuman powers? A bite from an radioactive spider