Dmitry Klokov 250kg Front Squat Wallpaper

Here is a weightlifting wallpaper to replace your boring desktop backgrounds.

I thought to myself, why not combine 2 things I enjoy, Black & White photography and watching Dmitry Klokov lift heavy things.

So I took the still from his 250kg Paused Front Squat, removed the other people who were in the gym and made it a proper high contrast Black & White wallpaper.


Small Preview:

dmitry klokov front squat wallpaper_small

  • Rob

    Very good man, make more with his 203 snatch from the platform.

    Thank you

    • GregorATG

      Will look into it.

  • dan

    thanks! that looks pretty awesome. wallpaper changed

  • Joe

    Great Job!

  • Adam

    Great job Gregor! I know what you could write in the top corner:


    • GregorATG

      Are you sure? I have to call Non Evans and check if this is in fact true, since I can’t remember.

      • ollie

        Hahaha… clean and jairk is really about the powah of the thighs, while snatch is about baahlance

        • Alex Gorham


    • finlifter

      or DSP™

  • Mike Nackoul

    i would make the quote the famous one from alexander karelin:

    “No one can believe that I am natural. The most important drug is to
    train like a madman, really like a madman.The people who accuse me are
    those who have never trained once in their life as I train every day of
    my life.”

    or you could just use the last sentence!

    • GregorATG

      Now that’s a fitting one. Good idea Mike!

  • Walt Maken

    Greg, Nice looking wallpapers of Dmitry. Would there be any chance in getting you to make two additional versions (small and large) in living color for those of us who prefer color? Same exact picture as far as removing the other people etc., but in living color. Thanks

    • GregorATG

      Thanks for the feedback Walt.

      But I really don’t like color photography. Color distracts. The entire shot would just look flat and washed out. Basically like a screenshot from a bad quality video :)

  • Walt Maken

    Greg, one more thought. Maybe see how it would look with just Dmitry and the weights in color and leave everything else in black & white.

  • Jean-Patrick Millette

    You should definitely do more wallpapers of weightlifters. That’s a nice looking wallpaper!

  • Mark

    Sweet wallpaper. You should make more.

  • Jack Irving

    Is there a higher res one?