Dmitry Klokov Interview on “Body Time” with Andrey Skoromnyy (Why he likes his Stiff Legged Deadlifts so much)

Dmitry Klokov filmed an episode of “Body Time”with Russian bodybuilder Andrey Skoromnyy.

Here is a summary of the points they mentioned.

Thanks to Juri for the translation effort. If you find more interesting points, let me know in the comments.

Update: Here is another Body Time Episode with Dmitry.

Klokov says Akkaev only Overhead Presses 120kg for fun, because he has perfect lockout. Klokov’showever needs more strength, because his form is not perfect.

Do you do cardio? Klokov: Yes, I squat sets of 10 sometimes. Like 275 kg x10.Out of the 15 Russian team members only 3 or 4 train OHP actively or seriously.

He weighed in at 125kg after lunch at his “best”. He is around 108-9 at the time of the video.

Klokovs motto: “to get stronger you need to get stronger”.

Why he likes his Stiff Legged Deadlifts so much

Dmitry on purpose deadlifts more than he squats. So his back is stronger than his legs. That’s why his tendency is to stiff-leg snatch for example rather than “squat then up” (regular).

Because at max weights form breaks down “instinctively”…

If the form breaks down he wants it to break down into the stiff legged form and not in the “squat the weight up” form, which would happen if you have weak back and strong legs.

Basically he says leg-drive deadlift (regular) style is beneficial for Cleans and back-drive deadlifts (stiff legged) for Snatch (which is not that surprising) and he decided to focus more on the stiff legged stuff personally.

And he likes snatching more. So he puts more effort into it

He never does pulls from blocks. Only from deficit.

Andrei Chemerkin strict Pressed 200kg.

Q: Do you do cardio? Klokov: Yes, I squat sets of ten sometimes. Like 275kg x10.

(also he deadlifts for sets of 10 as cardio, like 280kg x10)

Before big comps two full massages in a sauna a week too

His Plan for the Near Future

  • 2014 Klokov World Crossfit seminar tour and his ‘Winner’ clothing company.
  • 2015 back to weightlifting
  • and 2016 Rio
  • then retire

More: Dmitry Klokov interviewed by Nikolai Valuev

  • mrtn

    thx for the summary! hope he will get back to his best form in 2016

  • Luc Lapierre

    The man with the plan.

  • Sergey

    Про включение локтей я б сказал does not have perfect lockout. form это техника и ее можно улучшить, в то время, как включение локтей – это больше генетика.

  • steven

    200kg strict press? Fine whatever …

    • Luc Lapierre

      From Chemerkin, I’ll believe it without hesitation.

      The guy’s jerks were practically push presses… and he did 262.5 in competition!
      Without a doubt one of the most brutally strong men who ever lived.

      • Evgeny Filatov

        In his book Bones of Iron Matt Foreman recalls a 2000 World University Championships where he lifted with Chemerkin. Matt got to witness Chemerkin’s strength up close. Quote from the book:

        “The basic explanation of it is that he no longer caught cleans on his shoulders. He would go through the pulling movement of the clean, and then during turnover phase, he would simply turn his wrists over and hold the bar about three inches off his shoulders. […] The position of the bar when it rose to the level of Adam’s apple, that’s where Andrei held the bar in cleans. […] It may sound unbelievable, but I stood next to the competition platform in Montreal that day when Andrei made his last C&J of 230 kilos, and I can positively verify that the bar never touched his shoulders! Not even in the jerk dip! He literally held the bar around the level of his chin through the entire lift.”

        Man is a beast, so yes, I believe he could pull a strict 200kg press.

        • asdf

          Here is a vid of the 230 clean without touching the shoulders. incredible.

        • asdf

          and in this vid you can see him front squat in the same manner at 0.44

          • steven

            couldn’t he do something about his shoulder mobility? I mean, that has got to have a mayor pressure on his wrists. It’s a miracle that he never had wrist injuries

          • Luc Lapierre

            Well, a normal human would no doubt incur wrist injuries lifting in this fashion, but when you’re part rhinoceros you can handle the weight no problem.

  • mla

    First, appreciate all the great material (for free!), love it. I know there’s a few things floating out there but I’m always very interested in diet/supplementation that these athletes use (at least what they can share…..) and there’s just not a ton out there. Just throwing it out there for more interview ?’s or submissions. Thanks again!!

  • Mr_Rogers413

    Great stuff Gregor. Thanks for summarizing Juri!

    Very interesting regarding the DL and OHP. Two points I strongly agree with and are firmly implanted in my training.

    Anyone have info on his clothing line? I remember seeing a few tidbits (maybe even on ATG) about it, but not much else.

  • Russ

    That’s interesting about him doing lots of stiff legged DL’s to build his snatch. Comparing his more recent snatch videos to his older stuff (205 training lift) it looks like his technique has changed significantly. From a low hip, more quad dominant pull to the hips similar to the other Russians (and the way I was taught to snatch) to an almost exaggerated early loading of the heels (from his Italy videos). His technique now looks very different from the other Russian training videos he has put up (and his older style). I wonder if it’s due to injury, a conscious change, or just for a specific training effect.

    PS: first time posting, but I follow your website. Great stuff!