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Dmitry Klokov Interviews Mikhail Koklyaev

Meanwhile in Russia …

Dmitry Klokov continues his “On Par/On Equal Terms” Interview series with Mikhail Koklyaev.

It has lots of info about his views and troubles with the Russian system. The hypocrisy of performance enhancing drug use in sports.

Video has English subtitles.

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0:08 Today’s guest did not win Olympic gold, World or Europe championships

0:14 But he’s loved by people

0:17 He tried himself in weightlifting, strongman and powerlifting

0:25 And, in my opinion, he was winning despite bad relationships with authorities and officials

1:16 And Mikhail Koklyaev himself will tell you about how it all happened in his life

1:26 Koklyaev Mikhail Victorovich

1:30 Just tell everything and then if you think that you said some bullshit, we’ll cut it

1:40 Here we have everyone’s favorite face


1:50 First question is why we were not able to make this episode with you for so long?

2:05 “Because we needed to make people hungry”

2:12 “People were asking me when will we make the project with Klokov and so on?”

2:19 “And this Yashankin Cup was perfect opportunity to make it”

2:25 “But this is your channel and i have different ideas for project on my channel’True Gym ‘”

2:32 That’s why i started BB to prepare for your project

2:36 And we lacked time too

2:40 “I think we chose the right time when the interst is raised and it’s showtime!”

2:47 That sounds frightening

2:52 When i was reading your wikipedia page, i saw that you have a lot of titles.Whis one is most valuable to you?


3:01 I understand that you’re not proud, but happy for them. But which one is it?

3:15 “Some people do not see me as a great athlete, because they envy of how i was able to do different sports”

3:26 “Some people say that i do not deserve credit for what i did, because i did not win any significant championship”

3:41 “But it compliments, because i was able to compete in different sports in one year”

3:50 “I competed in weightlifting” Was it 2011? “No, it was 2007”

4:00 “I snatched 210 and C & J 240, but then missed jerk 253 2 times which would have been total record of Russia”

4:09 “Prior to that i won Russian strongman championship”

4:18 “And later in december i lifted 975 total in powerlifting comp, which was my total PR”

4:26 So you did it in one year? “Yes”

4:31 “And between weightlifting comp and strongman comp was only 3 week difference”


4:37 Did people ask you how to combine sports like you did?

4:41 “Well, powerlifting big 3 is the base for weightlifting”

4:53 “I’m not really strong at squats and press, but i’m strong at deadlift”

5:01 “I was strong at deadlift since i was child”

5:07 “I guess it’s my body complexion”

5:16 “I see that i’m strong at deadlift when i compare myself to other athletes”

5:31 “And also i do not really have preparation period, because i’m always competing”

5:38 “In weightlifting we have preparation, competition and rehab”

5:43 “But in this case i compete all the time”

5:51 “You relax only after competition abroad”


5:56 “Sometimes i just sleep in hotel room for two days and that’s it”

6:08 A lot of people say that weightlifting is very dangerous, which is not true if you do everything correct

6:14 But when i look at powerlifters and strongman, i’m really afraid

6:20 “Powerlifters are frightened too when they see bar above the head”

6:30 “Elbrus Nigmatullin who brought me in strongman probably in 2000”

6:39 “Was wondering at how we were able to hold 200 kg above our heads”

6:51 “So powerlifters think it’s impossible what we do and we think the same about them”

6:56 You tried it all, so which one is the most dangerous?

7:02 “The most dangerous situtation is when you trying to break your PR”

7:12 I guess that strongman is more dangerous, because there is no such technique as in WL or powerlifting


7:18 “Of course, it is dangerous in comparsion to WL and powerlifting, because there is more lifts to do”

7:25 It’s not a natural movement to lift such big stones

7:32 “In the beginning i started to lift sandbags which were wrapped together”

7:40 “I did not know how to lift it at first, but i got it as soon as i lifted my first 110kg stone on training”

7:51 “You could do it too, because you’re a thinking athlete”

8:00 “Not one of those who think that they’ll just lift it and then they tear biceps”

8:11 “But you analyze, watch video and think how would you do it”

8:23 “I’m sure that you’d be able to lift 160-180 right now”

8:29 “I would just give some small tips and that’s it”

8:35 “Because it’s not like in WL where you can adjust the angles of knees and hips or tighten your back and so on”


8:50 “You just need to show it one time and let try then”

8:58 “I’ll reveal a secret that you can not lift stone with your hands, you need to do it like in deadlift”

9:12 It’s like in arm lifting when i was trying to lift it with my arm

9:16 But then i saw how Roma Penkovskiy was lifting it with just his legs and i got it

9:27 “It’s dangerous to lift stone with hands only, cause you can tear your biceps”

9:34 It’s difficult to see it, but it’s written ‘RUDIARIUS’

9:40 As i remember from your interviews it means Gladiator, right?

9:46 “Gladiator is the one who earned the love of people, authorities and sponsors”

9:58 “Sponsor was a man who was observing fights”

10:06 And he was watching fighters, so they wouldn’t negotiate to fight half-heartedly”


10:14 And he had rights to kill gladiator,if he wasn’t fighting full strength”

10:23 And that’s how he impacted on gladiators to fight for real”

10:37 People always say that we russians should be orthodox or at least old believers”

10:48 But i gave up on the idea that i can change the world the way i want to see it”

10:58 We’re slaves,because we’re brainwashed by ideals that they give us”

11:06 This world is already set and built to guide us a certain way from cradle to grave”

11:15 We were guided when we had communism and now we have tha same with capitalism”

11:21 All words are roman:advocate,consitution,notarius”

11:32 And now we have a Third Rome”

11:40 And i consider myself to be a warrior whose parents were working for great future, but lost everything as a result”


11:58 Is this how you treat a free human being,no, it’s how you treat slaves”

12:05 So i accepted the fact that i’m son of slaves”

12:11 But i was able to step up a bit and my children now live better than i was”

12:20 ut do you still have desire to fight the system?

12:25 If you want to win an argument you should lose it”

12:32 There is no system in my system, that’s why i’m a free gladiator”

12:38 ccording to your interviews there’s chaos in powerlifting and strongman systems

12:47 That’s right, but it doesn’t affect me”

12:53 I would think twice if i would be offered to be the head of some strongman federation”

13:00 Because i don’t see people there to work with. It would be the same as in IPF or WL Federation”


13:11 re people in these 3 federations are similar to each other

13:17 They’re all good people, but there is something to it”

13:26 All these people who give money for training,federation,grants etc.make it worse”

13:35 As Vladimir Glushko said that grants would spoil us”

13:48 isha, thanks to you, word ‘RUDIARIUS’ became a brand.Do you have some bigger plans on it?

14:00 ecause this brand is coming up and you see it

14:09 I tatted it on my 36 birthday as my own gift to myself”

14:23 And then a man named Yakov Letov appeared in my life with who we were shooting my videos and he offered me to make shirts”

14:31 So we started shirts in the name of my tattoo and now it’s the other way around”

14:41 sn’t this brand reserved by someone?


14:48 No,i’m patenting it right now”

14:55 here your apparel manufactured? “In Moscow”

14:59 It would be cheaper to do it in China,but we don’t have a person who would watch the manufacturing”

15:10 re you sewing or you print it on promo shirts?

15:18 I don’t really get into these details.Yakov just tells me the amount of money needed”

15:26 I just watch the quality”

15:32 The first delivery was very bad though, and Yakov told that they deceived us,but…whatever”

15:43 amiliar situation,right? You get very disappointed when you don’t get what you wanted

15:51 We cooperate very well, though, with present manufacturing company”

15:58 hy shirts only? “No,we already have pants,shorts and so on”


16:04 here do you sell it?

16:07 The group called ‘Dobro’ in VK social network”

16:15 it’s not really big now, but we’re coming up”

16:25 t’s very interesting,right?

16:32 Some people would say that i make money off of my name, but i’ve never received money for doing nothing”

16:47 If you take my mask off you would see that behind a funny person is an exhausted man”

17:02 But you need to give to people back,you need to have fire in your eyes”

17:13 ren’t you afraid of ending like Vladimir turchinsky?

17:18 I am afraid”

17:22 t’s a very bright example for us


17:27 Listen,Dima,it’s OK, you just need to watch for yourself”

17:38 You just need to know where’s the limit, because the exhaustion is coming gradually”

17:50 You might go to sleep and never wake up”

17:58 But i compare us with soldiers who have a mission”

18:05 And one of them can die with grenade in his hand,but the other one,knowing it, would go after him and die too”

18:18 So if we take away all the profit that we make off of it, our original mission is to motivate people”

18:30 t’s good when you can combine your favorite thing to do and make profit out of it

18:39 some people say that there’s nothing special in moving stone from one place to another”

18:47 And these type of people are narrow-minded”

18:57 Even if they have 120 IQ. They’re smart,but they’re stupid”


19:10 veryone does what he can

19:19 Me and you have really hard work to do”

19:25 Travels,communication and we need to always show solid results”

19:30 I won’t be taken serious if i’d be 110kg”

19:38 lot of people say that me and you have bad relationships,even though i couldn’t think of anything

19:53 ut you said something on seminar yesterday towards me and i would like to get it from you

20:04 You and Dmitry Klokov are 2 most popular russian weightlifters,are you taught to do it or…?’

20:17 I can forget your question, but i’d like to tell about me and Dima”

20:22 We both came out of weightlifting, but we have different motivations”

20:29 There’s no doubt that he’s workaholic”


20:33 But he doesn’t think revolutionary”

20:39 He goes through like an icebreaker”

20:44 I don’t have enough qualities to be icebreaker,but i’m revolutionist”

20:56 As Bob Marley said:’Don’t regret your mistakes,cause they might help you'”

21:10 I know Dima very well and he changed to good after weightlifting”

21:21 Because he started to think his own way”

21:27 Because when you obey the system you become passive”

21:37 Now he became Dima who is loved by people and who can talk, because he was mumbling before”

21:54 In my opinion he done some things wrong”

22:01 And i was thinking that there’ll be a moment when he’d fail and become a good guy”


22:08 2012 Olympics was that moment which drastically changed him”

22:16 He broke out of system,became free and became a good guy”

22:28 We had a couple cases with you” I don’t remember

22:36 You were skinny and impudent back then”

22:42 It was in 1999 in Ognikovo when you was skinny”

22:49 Your dad was the president of WL Federation”

22:54 I wanted to deliver you some punishment for what you did”

23:03 I came to base earlier than you did, so i took my bar,but then you started to train with it”

23:08 So i told you that it’s mine and you told me ‘Fuck you!'”

23:14 really said it? “Yes”


23:18 So i’m thinking like…”

23:25 I had couple cases when i had to use something more than words”

23:43 But i thought that if i’d hit you i’d probably be expelled”

23:55 ou see i was fighting for my platform even with this big monkey

24:01 It wasn’t yours, you came and took it from me”

24:12 We was going to base from Taganrog to Moscow and you were having fun, but when we started training i wasn’t myself for 3 days”

24:30 At that point you was in the system, so you was guided”

24:52 And also you had to have special qualities appropriate to weightlifter” Well, i know what you mean according to your seminar

25:17 So some people say that we have bad relationships, i have bad relationships with all russian weightlifters”

25:30 On Berestov tournament national team weightlifters didn’t greet me, only Nadya Evstukhina did”


25:48 I talk to weightlifters who are not even in national team and they look at me like i’m sick”

25:56 o why it happens? Why if you become popular in other field you unwanted in your original field?

26:08 uri Vlasov had that,you and now me

26:15 Because people in the system afraid that the truth will be revealed”

26:23 You understand?” I got you

26:30 And all those youngsters who want to be like Klokov,Koklyaev, Aukhadov would know the truth”

26:43 However, young ones don’t understand anything even if you’d tell them the truth”

26:55 Because they’re in the period where you scream when everyone else screams”

27:04 ell,there are some situations when i speak up, because i can’t sit still.

27:15 o you sit still? “I sit still”


27:21 I told on seminar yesterday that you can’t let the sport subculture get into you”

27:29 I understood that sport is a good thing and it’s a subculture”

27:39 You can and should forgive mistakes and betrayals here”

27:49 And when i forgave people i felt more loose and free”

27:55 It’s sport, it’s not a battlefield”

28:00 Someone cussed you out here, didn’t let you to compete there and so on”

28:06 They guy who was with us in sauna drinking vodka called the man who is now recording enemy ı1 for WL”

28:20 And you just don’t pay attention if someone say about you something bad no more”

28:31 It’s not a thing that you should be upset about”

28:45 You should have self-esteem and respect yourself”


28:57 You should be like ‘whatever, fuck it!'”

29:03 I’m not upset with David Adamovich no more, it’s easier to me to say that i was guilty”

29:13 As i said if you want to win an argument, you should lose it”

29:22 David Adamovich is a man you shouldn’t talk bad things about”

29:30 He won Olympic gold, set 63 world records – you can forgive him”

29:41 ou was always telling that you didn’t consider yourself to be a weightlifter despite your 210 and 250.Why is that?

30:00 I don’t know. It’s not really it”

30:10 I was a weightlifter when i knew ’92,’93,’94 Olympia journal by heart. I knew every name and result trhere,i was an encyclopedia”

30:27 And i started not to pay attention to this in 2002 Europe championship when i missed my lifts”

30:35 I understood that you can’t discredit yourself and shatter confidence of system in you”


30:53 Evgeniy Chigishev was a golden boy, real pro who was bringing medals to country,so system relied on him”

31:05 And when i understood that there’s no dicipline in the system and it’s considered to be OK, i stopped being a weightlifter”

31:15 remember when academy opened, David Adamovich relied on you and i remeber how you were training together after dinners

31:30 I want to thank your dad for Rigert Academy”

31:37 And i was telling my wife that Vyacheslav Klokov was the reason we met each other and i took her to Chelyabinsk”

31:50 I was able to take 2 good things from being in Rigert Academy.The first one is my wife”

32:05 And the second thing is Master of Sport at the age of 20. I was the youngest super heavyweight in Russia to do it”

32:20 hare about David Adamovich anyways

32:28 We ended not because he didn’t like me”

32:38 Alexander Sukonnikov, Alexander Musaev and Igor Borisovich were happy that David Adamovich was watching and training me”


32:57 So they knew that it’s going to bring me to something”

33:07 And it did. I was able to overlift 7 kg for Master of Sports honor with the first try”

33:17 I have my pictures with David Adamovich in my hall and i was reading books about him a lot ”

33:30 And it seems very likely to get you to some results when you train with a man who was a role model to you”

33:55 I was wrong”

34:07 So recruitment office wanted to take me to Rostov aviation college, so i would represent them”

34:27 The next day we went to Timernik district where they showed me one-room flat”

34:38 But after me representing Rostov i should have sign out Moscow or Chelyabinsk out of payment”

34:44 So i choose to sign out Moscow”

34:52 It meant that my assistant trainer Alexander Sukonnikov wouldn’t get money”


35:03 It meant that i betrayed him,Soltan Karakotov and most importantly Georgiy Nikolaevich”

35:16 Because i was serving in Strategic Rocket Forces and i needed to serve only half-year”

35:28 So the money question spoiled me”

35:40 So we all were told to use PED’s, but only me and Roma were caught”

35:52 So they caught me to expose me for my mistakes of getting some money”

36:10 I was young though and also David Adamovich told me that i should do it, because it’s profitable”

36:25 He told me not to worry and that he would solve the problems with going from Rocket Forces to Aviation college”

36:48 And then some changes inside the federation began. David Adamovich was removed from head coach position, so i was removed too”

37:10 Also david Adamovich treated my future wife very well,she was working on base and he was calling her ‘daughter'”

37:21 Godmother of my son Misha is Nadezhda Rigert”


37:30 Someone told something on me or exaggerated and we are where we are”

37:44 So when everything was great and i was coming on a platform i was supported by everyone”

37:53 But when i was coming out to lift my PR and total natioanl record he didn’t tell me anything, just watched me missing it”

38:07 But again i’m not upset, i understand it”

38:13 It’s not us, it’s life”

38:22 Coming back to my wife, i repeat that i took a very good person from Taganrog”

38:35 She is very loyal and very kind person”

38:51 And also she was a very good worker.She started as a waitress, but then was promoted higher”

39:01 And after that i started to gain weight eating caviar”

39:17 o you track present national team? “Of course, I do”


39:22 But i watch only intersting ones” Who is interesting to you now?

39:30 Lovchev, Albegov”

39:35 With all respect to 105 category, i don’t watch them, because the best 105’s are gone”

39:42 The most interesting were you and Akkaev ”

39:48 what do you mean by interesting?”

40:01 First of all, you see that he is self-confident”

40:15 And also he understands that it’s a system and you should try to be yourself in order to stay free”

40:32 But everyone else,with all respect, are slaves”

40:41 I can tell you this,because i was lifting too ”

40:50 And i lifted more than some of you. But you’re slaves not because it’s your choice, but because you was born slaves naturally”


41:10 You do what you’re told to do. Come to base leave the base, use PED’s don’t use them”

41:19 People come and go without leaving their names in a history”

41:29 Interesting ones were:Perepechenov,Sheshlyannikov,Slava Ivanovskiy,Roma Mesheryakov”

41:40 They all had ambitions and soul. Perepechenov wasn’t golden boy,but he could fire you up”

41:56 But now, who can you call ambitious in national team?”

42:06 Albegov and Lovchev”

42:11 With all respect to Chingiz, but he’s not like them”

42:15 ou saw different heads of federation and who was the best? “It was the best when your father was president”

42:22 har about Parhomenko? “No”

42:29 I’m not complimenting you, because i was expelled when your dad was president of federation”


42:37 And then after some time your father was removed too”

42:44 I was lucky to be in my golden time in WL, as i was lucky in strongman too”

42:51 And i thank him a lot, because he took me to team, otherwise i would be on streets”

43:05 e asked me yesterday whether we were able to record this episode.And he got upset when i told him we didn’t have time

43:17 Shout out to Vyacheslav Ivanovich”

43:22 Thank you for the academy, because it was fateful for me”

43:32 I lived my small life there.I was born there i shined there and died there.”

43:41 But one part of it was given to me. It’s my wife who is my savior”

43:51 Thanks God it’s all good”

44:01 He’s pleased too that i found Lena there and Nastya was born there”


44:10 Taganrog was fateful for me and you”

44:15 nd what about Demanov, Sheshlyannikov,Perepechenov?!

44:22 We took the best ones from there”

44:36 You know sometimes behind the mask of indifference there’s an upset. And i had those moments after i left team”

44:50 I don’t have those now”

44:53 You can say that it was a motivation to prove that i can”

45:01 But this anger burns you from inside”

45:10 You get old faster and often get sick”

45:15 And my advise to you would be to get free from negativity”

45:22 According to Shukshin when father was accused of stealing spica grass and he told him to raise his hand and let it go”


45:40 ou’re not related to WL since 2005,right? “Since 2004”

45:50 o is there anything that you still regret about and would like to change?

46:00 I don’t even to change anything right now”

46:10 Maybe i wouldn’t have started strongman, so people wouldn’t know about me”

46:22 As Andrey Chemerkin told me:’Misha, it’s going to be the way it has to be'”

46:29 I never undertstood those words till now, so it’s the way it had to be”

46:37 When he told me this it’s stuck in my mind for a long time”

46:50 He told me this when i was worried about who will be taken to national team” It was 2004? “Yes”

46:59 So he told me:’Don’t worry,it’s going to be the way it has to be'”

47:10 The only thing that i’m concerned about is that people don’t change. Zombie lifters come and go”


47:21 It’s very primitive”

47:25 They’ll say now that i wouldn’t be saying this if i’d have won Olympics. Of course, i’d be silent”

47:31 I would have been an Olympic champion and would say that everything is OK”

47:43 We had Olympic champions like Chemerkin and Petrov who could say it straight”

47:52 But one of them was influenced by the book and the other one by his dad”

48:05 We had a situation when one time some guy named Plotnikov was a head coach”

48:15 It was fucked up!”

48:20 I had an unpleasant conversation with him back in the days”

48:25 After which he’s always telling that i’m a good guy, but i have some mental problems”

48:31 But thanks God, i’m not abroad saying ‘Give me nuts'”


48:50 It was weekends and we were having fun and playing pool.It was 11 p.m”

49:06 We didn’t have a curfew that day. Is it sunday?” Yes

49:20 So Plotnikov comes in and says:’Do you know what time it is?Some people ar asleep and you laughing out loud'”

49:28 And there was Syrcov,Petrov and Chemerkin in that room”

49:37 Chemerkin told him ‘Fuck you’ right away”

49:42 But Chemerkin is an Olympic champion, he has rights to say this kind of things”

49:57 And so we decided to write a petition on Plotnikov to your father” I remember something like this

50:10 It was 2000″

50:20 I remember that only those who were serving in army under his guidance didn’t sign the petition”

50:31 Only Sergey Flirko,Lesha Botkov,Matveev and Mashkovetz didn’t sign,but the rest of us did”


50:41 We gave a petition and some coaches were pressured,so Chigishev,Shyshlennikov and some other cancelled a petition”

51:00 So only Petrov,Chemerkin,Syrcov,Perepechenov and me didn’t refuse a petition”

51:11 It’s like in a joke when deer,wolf,fox and bear fell into hole”

51:18 After sometime predators decided to eat deer”

51:28 Deer wasn’t against,he just asked them to read what was stamped on his ass that jaeger put”

51:35 So deer turned his ass and predators approached to read and deer knocked all of them with leg”

51:45 And then bear was wondering why he approached it if he can’t read”

51:55 So i’m like that bear who bought on it”

52:03 I don’t know why i got into it,because they were olympic champions,world champions and record holders”

52:15 They were telling me to take it back,but i live by principles”


52:26 aybe because of the situations like this, you didn’t go to olympics?

52:35 In 2003 before Vancouver i knew that i had to go to Olympics and knew that i’d be on a pedestal”

52:51 I will compare this situation with Kochergin’s story”

52:58 One lady was telling that some drunk man in underground comes in and starts to piss by door ”

53:10 so everyone was silent and one woman stood up and started to speak up”

53:23 So Kochergin said that this man wasn’t pissin on door, he was pissing on your life and you would have to live with it your whole life”

53:37 So instead of doing nothing everyone should have protested”

53:53 So even if i would have won olympic medal i would have had bad memories of how i kept silent in some situations”

54:10 So it’s not worth it to live with it”

54:25 I look at our young athletes and i see that they look at me sideways”


54:38 I’m sure that they’re told not to talk to me or have some kind of relations with me as if i’m an enemy”

54:50 I feel sorry for them. With all respect, but i can tell it to your face, you just don’t want to come and see me face to face”

55:12 n your interview to “Iron Studio” you told that you’re ashamed to tell that you’re an athlete when you get into new company.Why is that?

55:30 6 is not an age. You only 4 years older than me

55:39 We too old for the system.I have my own verse about Sydney ”

55:49 Sydney is far away, Olympics are very close, 4 year only, but not for us”

55:55 I still measure my life by 4 years cycle, not 1 year”

56:01 I had a lot of those 4 years cycle and i know that i’m old, superold”

56:13 So when i meet new people i’m ashamed to tell that i lift bars and stones”

56:28 People assume that by now i probably should own a gym or work in Olympic committee”


56:44 But i still compete”

57:00 So people judge by the way you look. And they say that i’m a good and reliable guy”

57:13 But then you say that you lift bars and …”

57:27 That’s the way it is.As i told you before we live by rules and ideals set by some other people”

57:38 I could say that i fight in UFC and people know that you get 250-300 thousand dollars for the first place”

57:58 Or i could say that i’m a toughguy for Anaheim team”

58:08 That’s why i don’t like to tell people that i lift weights”

58:17 Lifting weights is not a status. It’s prestigious when you have musles and intellect”

58:35 Because you can learn a lot of bad things about yourself after saying something bad to those people”

58:50 So when girl with a silicon breast and lips asked me whether mine is natural or not, i say that i won’t touch hers ”


59:10 It’s like in a song:’It looks like a set up – when you can take drugs but can’t drink vodka'”

59:16 So a girls can have silicon breast,but a man can’t be pumped up”

59:25 So society treats girl as babes, but a man is on steroids for sure”

59:39 The only thing i can say is that I don’t give a fuck!”

59:47 agree that you shouldn’t give up training, but why do you still compete,though?

60:04 I remind you about Rudiarius”

60:10 I think those who fought Rudiarius was warned that if they would kill Rudiarius then they would burn them and their home”

60:25 So people need Rudiarius.It’s written that he was people’s favorite”

60:36 So when they call the name people were cheering”

60:47 So i can lose a competition,but it’s victory for me just to come out and lift.”


61:05 But it didn’t come that it easy.I had to earn it through WL and powerlifting and competing from 10 to 15 times a year”

61:23 hat’s the secret for people’s love to you?

61:27 The secret is in comprehensibility” You mean in ability to reach and teach

61:32 It’s not benefiting me all the time, because sometimes people just use you to get money”

61:43 And so people know that i can refuse”

61:59 As one man wrote me that I’m like Mike Tyson – a legend and a tragedy at the same time”

62:13 I consider myself to be successful,but a loser”

62:26 ou mean loser in sport? “No, i’m a loser in life”

62:34 But at the same time i’m lucky, because God gave a good wife,amazing children and friends”

62:42 I met Vladimir Turchinsky,Katya Mayorskaya,Lesha Shipanovskiy,Vladimir Koleshenko,Alexander Klyushev ”


62:58 I live with them and they mutely say that they love me”

63:11 So they keep me off of upset”

63:21 So there are more unlucky people than lucky ones”

63:26 So the secret is that people love me,because we’re similar to each other”

63:35 So they see that even when i fail i still smile and keep my head up up”

63:45 And so it gives them hope and faith”

64:02 o you competed a lot in Russian WL championships,powerlifting championships and strongman. Doesn’t it bothers you that you don’t have any memorable win?

64:26 It doesn’t bother me at all already, because i have my own destiny”

64:35 Last year on a world championship when i was deadlifting 422 kg, right before lockout i tear all my calluses and didn’t win”

64:57 In 1999 when i was walking around in Moscow, fortune-teller came up and offerd me to predict my future”


65:07 She told me that i’m beloved and missed by my wife Oksana”

65:17 She told me that everything would be OK. And i consider everythign to be OK when you have children, family and a job to do”

65:35 She told me to ask her 2 more questions”

65:38 so i asked her would i be able to change this country” “She said it wouldn’t be me”

65:48 Would i become a world champion” “She said no”

65:52 But then she looked at my busted hands and told that maybe i could since i worked hard”

66:07 As a christian i shouldn’t believe her, so don’t do it”

66:30 There are cases when someone wins,but he’s not the best” I know what you’re saying

66:42 You’re the best when people applaud you louder than everybody else.And i heard it a lot of times”

67:02 So i’m not bothered at all.I don’t look at certain cup or medal, i just know that i’ve done a lot”


67:16 ou prepared for WL,powerlifting and strongman. Whic one needs more money to prepare

67:22 It’s the same everywhere”

67:33 There’s no Drug test in strongman, so anyone could use any PED. And you spend money on pharmacy,massage,rehab,HGH”

67:55 hy do you speak so publicly about PED’s now?

68:02 ren’t you afraid that youngsters will take a bad example and will start to use it, but it wouldn’t fit them

68:20 we have a democracy and i wasn’t saying anything illegal”

68:30 We have a rap culture which publicly proclaims using marijuana”

68:37 We have ‘Comedy Club’ which publicly proclaims using cocaine”

68:44 Everyone knows it and it’s shown on National television”

68:57 secondly, someone from famous athletes should be talking about it”


69:05 A guy who goes to gym for 5 years naturally would never be like Koklyaev. You’ll be someone, but not Koklyaev”

69:19 Some jerk wrote me that Andrey Konovalov claims that he didn’t use PED’s” “Of course, he didn’t. No one is going to tell you what they use”

69:32 I’m not saying that he used something, i don’t know, maybe he really didn’t”

69:41 Well, then he could be an example for those who think that you can do it without PED’s in pro sports.Good luck,guys!”

70:01 y question is aren’t you afraid to give your own perspective on PED’s which might not be appropriate to other people?

70:14 If i’d die tomorrow then i did something wrong” What if someone else dies?

70:20 I can’t watch for everyone,but at the same time i have no right to tell that i’m not using it”

70:35 ay it again “I don’t use PED’s”

70:44 We live in lies today, so i like what Sergey Shnurov says”

70:55 He says that lie’s everywhere and i agree with him on that”


71:09 I want to tell the truth,because someone has to tell it and not because i want to stand out”

71:15 I done a lot of things, so i already stand out”

71:30 If a guy is stupid ass, sooner or later he’d do some shit with or wothout PED’s”

71:38 But if a guy is smart he’d find a very good coach who can write him a course”

72:00 So you telling me why i reveal about PED’s, becuase our youth is stupid,right?”

72:11 t’s very difficult to take responsibility for recommending PED’s, because it might be dangerous

72:32 When generals promote serving in army and then they send youngsters to die in Caucas, they recommend too.That’s it!”

72:50 So again, if you want to achieve really big results in sport, it’s dangerous anyways with PED’s or without them”

73:05 So a smart guy who takes care of his health would think twice before doing something”

73:16 It’s like when you watch children in kindergarden you take responsibility for them”


73:22 But then you see that one kid choked out.What could you do?!”

73:40 I’m not allowing them to climb somwehere high or jump into window”

73:51 But you can’t take care of every little detail”

74:08 fter observing your channel i noticed that your main topics are religion and showbusiness

74:25 nd some people or haters,as you call them, are getting annoyed. So why do you do that?

74:39 One guy told me to stick to some one thing”

74:47 But i’m in sport,because it unites people from showbusiness, criminal world and so on”

74:55 I don’t go to jail to record the ones who can play backgammon or speak criminal slang”

75:05 I record sportsmen. I surf on a board which symbolizes sport”

75:24 Sportsman is a unique person who can be policeman or criminal”


75:39 He does everything connceted with sport:owning gym, selling supplements or apparel. He’s a man from a crowd”

76:01 I have a lot of friends like this, Alexander Karelin for instance, who has conncetions with authorities and criminals ”

76:17 So you can see it raw and uncut on my channel,because sports unites us”

76:33 It would have been shole another question if i’d have been recording rapist and pedophiles”

76:50 Or if i was dancing in gay clubs telling people to lift ”

77:08 Or if i’d have been telling religious things like how you’re going to burn in hell for some sins”

77:22 I don’t tell that it’s the way to do it, i just show how i do it and then it’s your own decision to follow me or not”

77:31 It’s a gift from God that unlike animals we have a choice”

77:37 heard recently that you decided to stop cursing

77:42 Well, i decided to fast and in that period i almost didn’t curse at all”


77:56 well, i have a special team that tells me sometimes that i should curse at certain points on video ”

78:07 But in real life i was sometimes afraid to tell someone that he is a jerk ”

78:13 e and you are those who curse on videos, i certainly do it less than you, but why don’t you edit it or cut it?

78:30 Sometimes i tell Yasha to cut cursing,but he says that it wouldn’t be as interesting”

78:40 Well, it acts like sniffing ammonia when a guy watches and hears word ‘dick’ he be like…”

78:50 It’s like he sniffed ammonia”

79:00 n ‘Waste words’ video you said,tearing up, that you wwas late What did you mean by that?

79:16 I meant that i was old. At that time i was 32 in the turn of 33″

79:35 I was healthy,wise and i was able to build a strong team around me, but it was just too late”

79:51 I didn’t manage to do it earlier”


80:04 I realised that they wouldn’t take me to team”

80:14 I can say that i probably competed there to lose rather than to win,because i injured myself in Penza”

80:20 I missed my jerk due to injury”

80:24 And in Saint-Petersburg i had a farewell performance”

80:36 And on Arnolds in 2013 when i was looking at those faces standing on a pedestal i knew that it probably would be my last comp in strongman”

81:03 But at the same time everything that happens in my life right now is God’s plan on me”

81:17 It’s like he told me that i won Russian championships more than anyone else and i finished my career in 2011 in an amazing fashion”

81:33 And i won Arnolds 8 times, 3 times i got 3rd place and one time i was second”

81:41 It’s very difficult sport,so calm down, because i prepared something else for you”

81:51 He left deadlift in my life so i can keep my image and gave me new contacts and connections”


82:23 One of the reasons i do what i do is to motivate people.My motivation is to motivate people”

82:37 So, i’m 160 kg now, everything’s great thanks to my family,friends,country and Vladimir Putin”

82:46 re you happy now?

82:50 I go to Rostov today to host a tournament and i realize that i’m on demand and it’s cool!”

83:04 All you need for happiness is to be waited and beloved,have children who ask for candies and a favorite job”

83:16 Only rastamen in Jamaica are born to smoke and admire the sea”

83:26 That’s all a russian needs is family,job, perspective and no shame for what you did”

83:40 There are some things that you can’t change,but i’ll try to use them as a weapon in the future”

83:52 Thanks God i’m happy for now.Everything’s great!”

84:05 Don’t judge me guys, I am who i am. I don’t wish bad to nobody i’m just trying to change the world”

84:16 Even though fortune-teller predicted that i won’t be able to change this country,i’m trying to do it nevertheless”

84:23 hank you Misha!Good luck!

84:27 I wish you luck,because i remember those 15 comps in a year.I look at you and realise that you’re going to succeed”

84:42 You’re Honored Master of Sports,you know what to do” Thank you Misha!

Dmitry Klokov Interviews Mikhail Koklyaev is a post by Gregor Winter from All Things Gym.