EliteFTS Signature Power Rack

Time for some equipment porn.

Dave Tate walks you through the new EliteFTS Signature Rack.

The mother of all power racks. Looks like you can use it as a foundation to build your house around it.

Someday …

  • http://www.johnphung.com John Phung

    Man, awesome rack. I like the offset j-hooks and safeties.

    Safeties look a lot easier to set up than my rack (I have to slide the pin through the front of the rack towards the back) vs the EliteFTS rack it looks like you just slide it in from the side

    I wish EliteFTS had more reasonable shipping rates for international orders. Probably would have spent a lot of money with them.

    • GregorATG

      Yeah everything is well thought out.

      I second the remark on their shipping fees. Even for small items it is outrageous.

      On the other hand the shipping fees have so far prevented me from going bankrupt.