Gabriel Malone 600lbs Deadlift

Remember Gabriel Malone?

I have been following his training since he documented his year on 531.

Afterwards he set himself the 600lbs goal which he has now reached for his deadlift.

Perseverance and consistency trumps it all (even though he got lazy updating his blog).

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Here is his road to 600lbs video.

  • wenchy

    Clearly maximizing beard density was the key to advancing dl gains 😉

  • cool

    Very quiet lifter. Not sure how I should feel about that.

  • Mog

    I’m pretty sure his shorts have something to do with the power he can generate.
    I’m going to need to see his long-form birth certificate, or doing these without any pants.

  • Kundahli

    nice knee rebend bro….