Get Out of your Comfort Zone with 20 Rep Squats

Ben Claridad starts a month of Super Squats.

Take it up to about 90% then drop down for a set of 20. Adding to the set of 20 every week.

Have a good Squaturday everybody.

By the way, I found this (now inactive) channel the other day. This guy is killing it with high rep squats.

227kg x11, 181kg x20, 136kg x20

214.5 x18 and 280kg x1

143kg x42!

  • An

    About Ben, notice that he stated himself on his blog a few days ago:
    “I’ve decided to post my programs on here. It’s no secret what we do. We train for the snatch and clean and jerk. In the words of Glenn, the rest is just details. As with all programs that you can find on the internet, I DO NOT RECOMMEND TRYING IT IF YOU ARE NOT ON MY TEAM OR COACHED BY ME. At most, it could give you a few ideas for yourself if you train alone in your garage. Feel free to contact me with questions.”

    • GregorATG

      “it could give you a few ideas for yourself if you train alone in your garage”. Basically what this site is about

  • asesumykolas

    These are crazy! As for the second inactive channel, that username sounds oddly familiar. I think he used to post at a few years back, not sure if he is still active there or not.

  • Stephen Powell

    Is he trying to obliterate his nervous system?

    • Ian

      Not a very well-thought out or supported critique

      • Stephen Powell

        His statements specificly were directed at what happened to the players at Iowa. As to it being not well thought out, that is strictly your opinion and makes me think you did not read it in its entirety. Bud knows more about effective traiining methodologies than most in the U.S. All one need to do do is look at the caliber althletes he’s worked with and the number of International coaches that respect him.

    • GregorATG

      Well, he is not doing GVT 10 sets of 10 so I think this critque does not apply.

      • Stephen Powell

        Ten sets of ten in the squat is an unjustified
        loading on the spine and has no place in the training of any athlete
        participating in dynamic sports.

        Lower repetitions per set and fewer sets make
        it more likely athletes doing strength training for a given sport, for instance,
        will be able to perform all repetitions in good form. It is virtually certain an
        athlete’s form will break down doing high set, high repetitions squats (such as
        ten sets of ten). As a consequence the athlete will tilt the trunk forward
        excessively as fatigue sets in which places a big load on the lumbar
        spine High repetition squats should not be a part of
        a weightlifter’s training and the development of “massive thighs” should not be he aim. Neither will contribute to the coordination, speed, and flexibility a
        weightlifter needs, or, for that matter, other athletes participating in dynamic

        If these statements apply to reps as high as 10 then sets as high as 20 is absurd. these statments are also grounded in his article “Methods of Developing Leg” in which the works of Scientist Robert Roman are cited.

        • David Yu-lin Chiu

          I thought most of those things too until I gave 20RS a few yrs ago… they work surprisingly well even for an old guy like me… it is key to be very strict about form, start light enough, and call the build-up/cycle over when you start to lose form and really grind w/ the final rep or two — I also developed a breathing pattern that serves very well.

    • David Yu-lin Chiu

      Charniga is a great resource, as is Poliquin, but BC does himself no favors w/ this bit of he-said-she-said — Poliquin’s citation of the published study regarding volume SQ training is far more worthwhile.

      • Stephen Powell

        Where is this he said she said you speak of? Bud’s writting’s are the most carefully sourced information out there. From an athletic, weightlfiting standpoint high rep sqauts do nothing to improve intermuscular ability, develops the slow twitch fibers of the body, and can lead to improper movement patterns. As a personal experiment I don’t understand why someone would risk doing this.