Hip Matrix Mobility WOD

Jami Tikkanen has a couple of hip stretch stretches to get you into better positions for your squat & deadlift.

All you need is a somewhat high box.

Do 10-15 reps in each position

  • Daniel Jørgensen

    Hmm, not really that useful… If you have stiff hips you may end up just mobilizing your lumbar spine. Lumbar spine should not really be that mobile :)

    • GregorATG

      Good point. It’s by no means meant to be *the one* exercise you should perform.

      I look at it as on more piece in the puzzle. If it helps, good. If no, try the next.

    • Jami

      If you have stiff hips, I recommend using a lower box and making sure you drive the movement from your hips and not with the arms. The goal is not to mobilise your lumbar spine. Dont forget to maintain stiffness through your trunk too to avoid this from happening.

      • GregorATG

        Yep, lower box for me it is.

        Thanks for the feedback Jami.