Hysen Pulaku 200kg Clean & Jerk (205kg Miss)

Meanwhile in Albania …

A month ago we saw that Hysen is still training.

Today Hysen Pulaku gets a 200kg Clean & Jerk. I think it was march 2012 when he first did that weight (video).

He also got close to a 205kg C&J

And to finish it off his sister also uploaded a video of what looks like a 227kg Front Squat.

Update: YouTube Version

  • squatmastr

    I love hysen! I want moar!

  • peter

    his front squat improved lol. banned from olympics forever if im not mistaken but hopefully see him back in WWC soon

    • dreznemo

      His ban ends today :)

  • Roberto

    does he can compete in international competitions?

    • http://www.allthingsgym.com/ Gregor

      He can. He just can’t help his team earn points for qualification, but he can’t bring home medals which in turn would mean more funding Albanian weightlifting I think.

      From: http://www.iwf.net/doc/Special_ADP_rules_Olympics.pdf

      In accordance with the decision of the IWF Executive Board, any athlete who is found by the IOC to have committed an Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV) during the Olympic Games is not eligible to participate in any subsequent Olympic Games. Such athlete, following the conclusion of his/her period of ineligibility, may participate in any IWF Olympic Qualification Event, but will not earn any points for the Qualification Team Classification.

      • Roberto

        Thanks Gregor

  • Navid

    I think we can all agree the 205 was barely missed, and 200 looks much easier than last years 200.

  • WSyd

    His legs are definitely stronger now. 205 used to be a grind for him to stand up with in C&J but he does it much more easily now.