Ilya Ilyin 250kg Front Squat

Nothing special, just a casual 250kg Front Squat by Kazakhstan’s Number Waaan, Ilya Ilyin.

  • Panama

    Nothing special indeed. That’s my barbell front raise warmup weight…

  • Roberto

    correct me if i am wrong. But I think that most of time Ilya does singles in the classical lifts and front squats only.

    • CasualLurker

      That’s what they let leak, or what they tell to the fans and enthusiasts, but most likely he does waaaaay more than singles and front squats.

      • Pas

        Why do you think that?

        • Leon

          Athletes usually don’t share details about their training with the public. They might say they lift 30 tons per week. But that number doesn’t tell you anything about the specific sessions. Sharing the specific details of their training might help their competitors. Why shouldy they do that?

          In addition, why should they show a training clip of him doing something boring such as good mornings with moderate weights? So of course you see only max lifts, but not all the boring stuff,
          which is, however, important for the success of the training as well.

          • Rolf

            @c1a15a68060cbcec0da50566489a8157:disqus How would you calculate a workload of 30tons per week. Is it just sets x reps x load for all exercises?

          • Leon

            @Rolf: Usually you take all lifts above 70% of 1RM and then simply calculate repetitions x sets x weight to get the sum.

            Steiner said about squats for him that “everything under 200 kg is warm up and doesn’t count.”

            Obviously you can get 30 tons with very different combinations. Hence, this info alone doesn’t tell you much. Just that he trains a lot.

            @Goz: Well, we are talking here about some youtube clips. Those are not representative for their training status. I liked how they buildt up to the tension before the olympics, when you could find many clips of Klokov and Akkaev, but you still don’t know much about their daily training.

            Sure, training is individual, but I suppose there are still certain details which are important for a coach. I am not a coach myself, so this is just a guess. But I’ve never seen an interview with an athlete, who outlines details about their training. Its always like “3x times a day, very hard, 50 tons.”

          • Goz


            I know what you are saying, the only way I can imagine would be if the lifter had a specific problem and they’d somehow found a fix for it. Since weightlifting isn’t so much a one on one competition knowing the style etc of the other does not help you much. Plus the basics are probably the same, ie squats and comp lifts so in order to differentiate you’d have to go into detail and in an interview no one really wants to know…

          • grambo

            Information about max attempts could let other coaches know what a lifter is currently capable of hitting, and have an effect on attempt selections/order at a competition. Of course how timely the video is, training body weight weight, straps etc. have an impact. Accessory exercises like squats I would not think are as important.

          • Goz

            That’s exactly what I was saying earlier, which is why I didn’t understand that Leon thought info about regular training was so important…

          • Rolf

            @Leon thanks! Currious how this number fluctuates over my last year of training.

          • Goz

            How do you think this would help their competitors? I would think max lifts would give you more info than a random easy set of squats, good mornings, or whatever. Surely lifters this advanced do not change their exercise selection because something seems to be working well for a competitor either so what exactly do you think the benefit would be?

            I just don’t see why they’d hide it. Most of the coaches have decades of experience and there’s likely nothing they haven’t seen or tried.

  • kokaa

    where is the post with the russian documentary about the bars and weights?

  • VaginaBoob

    7rm if he ever did sets of more than 1…

  • Penn

    Prly his last warm-up. Maybe he missed 280 or the camera broke or somethin. Cause, you know, I think he could do some Bonker Shit like 275 or 280.