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Ilya Ilyin Progress Tracker Spreadsheet *Update* 290kg Front Squat

Let’s stalk track Ilya Ilyin’s progress during his 2014 build up.

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A while ago I had the idea to keep track of Ilya’s progress. So for each of his videos I started to enter the biggest lifts into a spreadsheet.

This thing will be updated along the way.

Download: Link to the spreadsheet. Go to File –  ‘Make a Copy’ to your Google Drive or ‘Download as’ (xlsx for Excel for example).


When you click on a weight it will open the video at the time of the lift.

Share ideas, or report errors I may have introduced, in the comments.

Highlight 16.01.2015: Ilya uploads a 290kg Front Squat

History 2014 year!290kg front squat!История, подготовка на чемпионат Мира Алматы 2014 290кг присед на гр!#frontsquat #weightlifting #sport

A video posted by Илья Ильин (@ilyinilya4ever) on Jan 16, 2015 at 2:47am PST

Highlight 26.09.2014: After an hiatus here is a XXX(?) Snatch from Ilya

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Highlight 29.08.2014: 242kg Clean & Jerk

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Highlight 25.08.2014: Ilya hits a 190kg Snatch

Highlight 20.08.2014: Ilya Snatches 205kg off Blocks

Highlight 15.08.2014: 189kg Snatch and 241kg Clean & Jerk (all time PR)

Highlight 07.08.2014: 245kg Rack Jerk

While we’re talking 245kg Overhead, re-watch:


Highlight 31.07.2014:

Highlight 20.07.2014: 185kg Snatch and 239kg Clean & Jerked at the Anatoly Khrapaty Memorial Tournament.

Update 07.07.2014 – Observations: His loading pattern when working up to a heavy single is often that of a “Wave” (Ilya refers to them as “attacks“. Sportivnypress has an article about them).

Like on the 30.06.2014 videos he did 3 waves for Snatch and C&J:

And he doesn’t limit this approach to the classical either, he often uses it for Squats [video] / Front Squats too.

What’s more, he doesn’t take too long of a rest either (judging from the music in the background). So it kind of resembles competition attempts in a way.

Highlight 15.07.2014: Ilya hits a 195kg Snatch off Blocks! (attempted 200kg)


Highlight 11.07.2014: 237kg Clean & Jerk in Training

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Highlight 04.07.2014: Ilya hits a 230kg Clean & Jerk!

… and 186kg Snatch during his 22:00 session.

Highlight 28.06.2014: 235kg Rack Jerk. No Problem.

Highlights 27.06.2014: Here’s what happened during his 2nd (17:00) practice.


Then later during his 3rd session this day (at 22:00) Ilya snatched 185kg!

Highlight 24.06.2014: Ilya hits a 190kg Snatch from Blocks.

Update 23.06.2014: Ilya is now doing 3 training sessions a day.

Highlight 13.06.2014: 181kg Snatch227kg C&J and 265kg Front Squat PR (at 5:50)!

Highlight 09.06.2014: Ilya gets a 215kg Clean + Front Squat + Jerk.

Highlight 29.05.2014: Ilya hits a 185kg Snatch off Blocks.

Highlight 23.05.2014: Ilya hits a 225kg Clean & Jerk and 250kg Front Squat.

Ilya Ilyin Progress Tracker Spreadsheet *Update* 290kg Front Squat is a post by Gregor Winter from All Things Gym.