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IWF Executive Board Meeting Notes 2016

by Gregor Winter


The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) finally released the “minutes” (official notes from executive committee & board meetings) from the last three quarters of 2016.

These notes give an insight into what and also how issues are discussed inside the IWF.

Below are notes of interest from the data dump, not including new rulings which have been covered by other posts.

My buddy Phil took one for the team and read through all of them. Below are some of the things we found interesting.


There is a lot of stuff to go through. Hopefully there are curious people in the audience who can take an even closer look (at finances for example).


The IWF allocated the 2019 World Weightlifting Championship to Pattaya, Thailand. (via).

Doping and the “Black Period”

After positive tests from athletes other than medalists they have acknowledged “It is not only a top athlete’s level problem but also in low and middle level.” (via).

“Coach must take responsibility for this as well owing to being impossible by logic that he/she doesn’t know what his/her athlete has done.”

“Dr Schamasch repeated that the last 2 years had been a “black period” in sports in general and concluded by another call to the membership pointing out that weightlifting was still in danger”.

“Mr Al Jarmal suggested opening a new page with new records, etc.
“Nevertheless, in the future a global review of all categories – male and female – would be possible.” (via).

“It was mentioned that as for the substances the IWF was a precursor on detecting growth hormones as compared to very few findings by other sports” (via).


Russia appealed their ban and was dismissed. Some Russian athletes withdrew their cases for individual appeals. (via).

Presenting the statistics of 2015, Dr. Schamasch referred to the motto of the Anti Doping Committee (ADC which is “more quality than quantity” and pointed out that the IWF had the first finding for Ipamorelin (growth hormone) in 2015. (via)

Dr. Schamasch explained the analytical part of the retesting process. He stated that the new analytical method for long-term metabolites was introduced at the end of 2012 (not yet available for the London Games) and the IWF was the first IF that implemented this method leading to multiple positive cases in 2013.

It is also important to mention that IWF was the first and is still one of the very few international federations to use extra methods and analysis to detect long-term metabolites of Stanozolol.

Resentment was voiced in the executive board over the appointment of the President of the Russian Weightlifting Federation as Anti-Doping Commission Chairman of the European Federation, especially in view of its repercussions in the media.

Following comments from the Board, the President suggested to deliberate the case of the Member Federations having produced a high number of adverse analytical findings (AAFs, i.e. positives) in these past two Games, thus seriously endangering weightlifting’s Olympic status and bringing it into disrepute globally.

Mr. Coffa suggested that their behaviour satisfied the clause:

“If any Member Federation or members or officials thereof, by reason of conduct connected with or associated with doping or anti-doping rule violations, brings the sport of weightlifting into disrepute, the IWF Executive Board may, in its discretion, take such action as it deems fit to protect the reputation and integrity of the sport”

A Position Statement regarding Mr. Syrtsov’s function as EWF ADC Chairman was accepted:

“IWF EB expresses disappointment over the appointment of Mr. Sergey Syrtsov, President of the Russian Weightlifting Federation as Chair of the EWF Anti-Doping Commission. Given the current environment, the IWF Executive Board strongly suggests to Mr. Syrtsov and the European Federation to reconsider the appointment to this particular position. (via)


Coaching and International Weightlifting Qualification

The IWF is discussing ways of encouraging people to pay for a international coaching qualification. They are discussing how this might interfere with member federation certificate programs already. Also the problems with pushing for this certificate when different member federations already have their own coaching techniques. (via).

They are discussing a website for the coaching community, including a coaching database, course database, manuals with online learning and online tests. (via).

In 2015 they started making an coaching app. They also looked into making a dvd and ebook. (via, via).


They acknowledge that crossfit is using weightlifting, but say they will not have a lot of people from crossfit, only some. This is poorly worded but quite funny: “Mr. Jones:  […] We shall use crossfit, because they use us and take the money”. (via).

Mr. Coffa shared his concerns regarding the spreading of crossfit at places to the detriment of weightlifting organisations and called for preventive actions. (via)

Mr. Baumgartner indicated that e.g. in Germany weightlifting was profiting from the crossfit movement. (via).

Competitions and Rules

There has been one or two cases where national and international competitions have different minimum ages of competitors. They also acknowledge that biological age and real age might not be the same. They are preparing youth statistics for comparison over international competitions (YOG and YWWC). (via)


There’s a working group for the world weightlifting championships and they might change the first 5 days for D and C groups then the meetings and finishing with the B and A groups, something to do with someone medalling in the B group.

They are thinking about getting a commentator for television broadcasts during the world championships.

IWF would delegate someone as commentator for the TV while WWCs. A special Commission might be formed to discussing the IWF delegating a commentator for TV during the world weightlifting championships. [Note from Gregor: Can we please get The Two Doctors on TV?!] Also they discussed reducing the numbers of athletes (maximum 10) and reducing the 15/20 rule to 10/15 (later changed to 20kg rule) to ensure an exciting competition. (via)

Iran’s Apology

There are quite a few files where the Iranian federation apologises for the +105kg event. (via)

“A summary was provided by Mr. Adamfi, who told the EB that the subject was not the validity or  correctness of the referee’s or the jury’s decision, only the behaviour of the Iranian delegation. Dr. Nyirfa explained the possible Disciplinary Procedure as per the currently valid IWF Constitution and By-Laws, Article 12, the TCRR and the Code of Ethics, as well as the possible sanctions. After a deliberation the EB decided to provide the opportunity to the Iranian officials and athlete to be heard by the EB at its next meeting in Penang, whereby a call should be addressed to them to apologize. Upon this hearing the EB shall decide about the further steps.” (via)

It was further mentioned that Mr. Coffa and Mr. Adamfi represented the IWF before CAS in Rio  when the Iranian national olympic committee appealed the decision of the Jury in the +105kg on Salimikordasiabi’s attempt and CAS dismissed the appeal.” (via)

“The incident in the +105kg A finals at the Rio Olympic Games had been dealt with by the EB at its previous meeting in Beijing. It was then decided that the EB would deal with it giving the opportunity to the individuals involved to be heard by the EB and present their apologies. Dr. Ajan welcomed the delegation of the Iranian Federation led by Mr. Ali Moradi, President.

Mr. Moradi thanked for the opportunity and introduced the persons accompanying him. He passed on the regrets and apologies of Mr. Behdad Salimi, athlete and Mr. Sajjad Anoushirawani, coach, for the fault committed at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. He assured full cooperation in fairness by the Executive Board of the IRIWF in the future and asked for a positive consideration of the case in question.

Dr. Ajan and members of the Board expressed opinions that the apologies of the Iranians should be accepted, while also recognising the negative impact of the incident.


When the Iranian delegation left the room, the President suggested to accept their apology and consider the matter closed. This was accepted and told to the delegation having reentered the room.

Finally, Mr. Moradi was called to personally apologize to Jury President Mr. Karl Rimbock for his threatening behaviour.” (via)

Zip Files

Zip File #1 Contents:

File 1 – Signatures
File 2 – Rio Report – “Problems: “Transport, Power Failure, Ticket Sales””

File 3 – Report of the Anti-Doping Commission:

Statistics up to penang, 1205 tests – 1:2 OOC:IIC

Rio Drug Test Statistics

76 OOC, 76 IIC, 15 blood tests, 61 urine tests total, 1:4 OOC:IIC.

Looks like they tested the medalists and a random person per session.


No OOC testing for Africa, America has ~1:5 ratio, Oceania about the same. Meldonium was one of the most positive tested according to a chart.

File 4 – Development program, Increasing participation
File 5 – More Development program
File 6 – New rules, women’s category + bodyweight rule
File 7 – Break down of finances
File 8 – Table of finances

Zip File #2 Contents:
File 1 – Rio stuff boring
File 2 – “IF / sport culture has lack of awareness that gender equality is not an issue Gender equity is a not a women’s issue, it is a good governance issue”
File 3 – International women’s day, women’s commission stuff
File 4 – Olympic agenda
File 5 – IWF Development
File 6 – Rio stuff
File 7 – Analysis of where the IWF should look into expanding the sport
File 8 – More Analysis, getting the whole iwf sponsored, under a megacorp, sponsorships, pay per view etc
File 9 – YOG stuff
File 10 – YOG comparison from two years
File 9 – Getting ready for YOG

Barbell Companies

Uesaka has a new brand plus Eleiko have a new company headquarters and an anniversary coming up. (via)



There was no out of competition testing in Africa. (via).

Dr. Schamasch noted that in a continental perspective more work was needed on Africa and asked for the EB’s African members to help. (via)

[Looks like Africa is the place to train!]

Electronic Change of Call and other Rules

This is still being implemented and they are testing out different companies. (via)

Dropping the barbell rule was examined and left unchanged (lifter has to accompany the barbell after Down signal). (via)

Ms. Ungar presented a SWOT Analysis (Annex 7), as well as a PPT urging the EB to decide about the type of business relationship to enter into with the company she represents. In conclusion, she recommended partnering with a professional Media and Sports Agency.

After discussion it was agreed that the IWF would move forward to enter into partnership with one company. Dr. Ajan thanked Mr. Tussupbekov and his colleagues. (via)

Islamic Games

Mr. Adamfi presented the special case of the 2017 Islamic Games to be held in Azerbaijan. The EB should decide on its position in case the AZE suspension is in force by the time of the Games (to avoid weightlifting being removed from the program of the Games).

The EB voted regarding the 2017 Islamic Games in case AZE member federation is suspended at the time of the Games, the weightlifting competitions can still be organised. The IWF will give full assistance to the Organising Committee to carry out the competitions. (via)

IWF Executive Board Meeting Notes 2016 is a post by Gregor Winter from All Things Gym.