Jon North 235kg Squat 5RM

Here is a beautiful edit of Jon North’s recent 235kg Squat 5RM.

The squat cycle from Hell has finally come to an end. 3 weeks out from the Arnold, and I have never felt more alive. (via)

  • Tristan Hand

    How much did the headphones weigh? ;)

    • Deebs 77

      not as much as his ego………

  • Gee

    Anyone know whether he has changed his stance? Looks ridiculously narrow!

    • GuestyGuest

      Glenn commented a few weeks ago that he keeps trying to make him move his stance out lol. I think in his last podcast he talked about why he chooses such a narrow stance, I think it’s his power position for starting the clean. It does look narrower than usual though.

      • Gee

        Just wondering…almost Rybakou-ish…

        • guest

          In one of the mdusa episodes he had his heels together to troll the youtube commentators lol.

  • Turku

    For those of you who would rather skip the 3 minute cinematic buildup for an assistance movement 5RM that takes 30 seconds…

  • Alex Gorham

    Weakest legs in weightlifting!

    • sporting

      235×5 would put him @ perhaps 265-270 max(optimistic). Only if you compare him to top 5-10 worlds lifters perhaps he is ‘weak’

      • Alex Gorham

        That was a joke based upon Jon North’s past comments about him having the weakest legs/squat in Weightlifting.

        • sporting

          In that case jon better retract his statement or put up a 170 snatch :p

  • Joe

    He is cocky as hell but the guy works hard.

    • Kevin McG

      Can’t help but wonder if guys like him would be better or worse athletes without the ego

  • name

    Same body weight, 10kg more from Kendrick Farris just posted today.

    • RoganSmash

      I couldn’t help but notice he was wearing an LSU t-shirt. Coincidence or a message to Farris?

    • GVEST

      weird thing is that kendrick was squatting 243 for 10 a year ago and it looked quite a bit easier