Karen Tovmasjan 149kg Snatch 178kg Clean & Jerk

Time to highlight a non east European lifter.

This is 22 year old Karen Tovmasjan from the Netherlands (formerly an Armenian).

Lifted 149/178 at a club competition at the University Sportscentre Amsterdam.

Bodyweight: 78,3kg.

With a total of 327kg he would have been 12th at the 2012 European Championships in Antalya.

Update: as was pointed out in the comments he is still suspended until 17.09.2012.

Thanks to Vincent for submitting this.

  • coach

    A competition? Strange, cause he is still under suspension (till 17th of September).
    And actually he is originally from Armenia so only half “non- East European”…

    • GregorATG

      Oh well .. thanks for the info.

    • Vincent

      This was just a minor clubcomp without supervision or whatever from the Dutch weightlifting fed.
      Karen has the dutch nationality.

  • Dustin Oranchuk

    hes also wearing straps