Kazakhstan Youth Weightlifting Program

ATG reader Mykolas submitted the programming of the Kazakhstan youth team, (the young adults, prior and up to age 18).

He said:

Ilyin is mentioned throughout this file, as I do believe this was the programming he used prior to his meet in 2005, I think. It is all written in Russian, though some of it is quite easy to understand. The charts are somewhat obvious, time and duration of session, lifts made, goals, percentages per exercise, etc etc. It appears to be very bulgarian-ish, except for the fact they never go to an all out max (those are in bold), so basically its modified for recovery, or so I would assume. Its mostly a bunch of classical lifts, a good amount of FS’s(I think they would only BS 1-2x a week), and some extra work like back extensions…

You know what? Let’s run a little experiment: Crowd sourcing the translation.


  • Here is the public Google Doc (no sign up required).
  • Yes, anyone can edit (and also revert unwanted changes)
  • Format is [Russian Page] leave these intact, [English Translation]

Ambitious, I know. This may turn out as an epic failure or (hopefully) as an epic win.

Update: Thanks to everyone who helped so far.

Or Get the original PDF on Google Docs (choose ‘File’ – ‘Download’)

  • Vincent

    Although the Kazach language is turkish related; this looks like russian. At least it’s in the cyrillic alphabet.
    This might help:

    • GregorATG

      Yeah the manual is in Russia. You can get an idea of what is written with google translate. But this is very crude

  • asesumykolas

    I have done some translating, I will work on it over the next few days. I only speak a LITTLE russian, though I know several people that do, fluently. I think the help of google translate, the people I know, and my knowledge of weightlifting… I think I could get it done to a degree where we have some idea of how they train. Some of the translated names for exercises are quite odd, though I think I sorted the major ones out. I hope someone who speaks russian and understands wl will be able to give us a real hand!

    Until then, I will keep doing my best to make sense out of all of this. It might not be perfect, though we can hopefully understand the major points.