Kim Tuan Thach 133kg Snatch + 160kg C&J at 56kg Junior World Record

Meanwhile in Russia at the 2014 Junior Worlds

Here is what you missed not watching the Jr Worlds.

20 year old Kim Tuan Thach from Vietnam set a new 56kg Junior World Record in the Snatch and Total.

He got 133kg on his second attempt (after opening with 120). He went for 135kg on his third but lost it behind.

The old junior record was held by Long Quingquan with 132kg at the 2008 Olympic Games.

I hope Hookgrip got a video of that. I only recorded a gif.

Update: 160kg Clean & Jerk [gif] also gets him the Junior Total World Record. His 293kg equals the winning total of Om Yun Chol at the 2012 Olympics.

Update: HookGrip’s Slow Motion Video

Full Speed

Here is an overlay of his 133kg and 135kg attempt.

Update: At the 2014 Asian Games he Snatched 134kg for first place.

  • guest

    Impressive/beautiful technique with those weights. His ridiculous 125kg snatch @ 17 was already a sign. If he can establish himself at this level we have another contender for the 56kg gold.

  • TheTurk

    In the future, he can set Halil Mutlu’s record.

  • Jerker Karlsson

    In the snatch, he starts almost on his toes, with the heels off the floor. Does anyone know if this is intentional or if he just did it on this lift, maybe because the weight was heavy enough to pull him forward before he got the bar higher?