Kirill Sarychev 326kg Bench Press + Interview

Meanwhile in Russia at the 2014 Battle of Champions…

On his 4th attempt Kirill Sarychev got a 326kg Raw Bench Press (718 lbs) at 179kg bodyweight.

Update: Here is the recording of the whole session.

Update: Here is another interview he did after the meet.

  • had to take medication to calm his nerves down and disconnected from all communications
  • can see himself be competitive against Malanichev, but wants to do it raw.
  • likes to eat tvorog before bed
  • almost never does a max in the gym, biggest press in his 12-14 week prep was 300kg

Also worth a mention is Roman Eremashvili’s 218kg Bench Press at 67.4kg from the comp.

Related: 327.5kg from Eric Spoto

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  • Borislav

    I hate how these powerlifting Eleiko plates look like. 326 kg look like nothing. Pretty demotivating :)

  • Everett

    I just posted a better quality video on my channel :) This guy is a monster.

  • Everett

    Just for a reference of how big Kirill is, here is Australian powerlifter Wayne Howlett. He weighs about 300 lbs / 135 kgs, and has squatted 400 kgs / 881 lbs in just wraps. He’s a big guy.

    • Everett
      • guest

        I read on a German forum where some Russians post that he’s around 195cm. Obviously Sarychev is incomprehensibly massive to a normal person, but being perceived as “big” even as a strength athlete is primarily due to height and thus frame size. He’s wouldn’t look like this next to Haftor Björnson who himself would be less freakish next to Shaq.

        • Tom Bennett

          I dunno man he’s pretty ridiculous thick…and Hafthor is pushing 7′ tall. I’d bet he’d make Shaq look skinny:)

        • Everett

          Well-Of course, any time a guy is big, he’s big all around: weight and size. But Shaq would look like a beanpole next to guys like Halfthor, Shaw, and Sarychev. He’s only a few inches taller than those strongmen, but Shaw outweighs him by over 100 lbs, haha.

      • Tom Bennett


  • guest

    As for the lift, well insane.
    I also read that he took 326 instead of 328 because the Russians don’t consider the 327.5kg bench legitimate due to a lack of pause and the general “garbage judging federations/garage gym meets” shenanigans going on in the US.

    • Tom Bennett

      I thought Spoto’s bench was legit. I haven’t looked at it in a while. Either way, THANK GOD they’re benching huge weights without freaking bench shirts. I hope that era is gone for good.

    • Everett

      Interesting, because Spoto’s lift had more of a pause than Mendy’s benches–Mendy always got VERY quick press signals. Spoto also benched 700 lbs even with a LONG pause.