Kirk Karwoski Talk – From Cadet to Captain

Starting Strength has a talk by the man himself, Kirk KarwoskiFrom Cadet to Captain.

Kirk Karwoski From Cadet to Captain

Fun talk with some powerlifting pearls of wisdom. He talks about

  • his upbringing
  • mental discipline
  • the importance of setting up each lift exactly the same
  • how he almost quit facebook, because of people posting videos of themselves using monolifts
  • the 20 seconds rule

I’m not gonna fuck up for 20 seconds!

  • and rules to abide by like

You can use the f-word, but  don’t use the fucking i-word around me. There is no thoughts of injuries when you are lifting.

Also, as always for some reason they don’t allow embedding. Hey Starting Strength don’t you want people to see your videos?

Anyway if you want to download it and watch it on the go, here is an option to download it.

Update: They finally put their videos on YouTube

  • jimmy

    one of the all time best powerlifters. and his training was so basic that most people today would say its not an effective training routine. interesting too that he struggled with his squats early on and now is considered one of the best squatters of all time

  • Hawg427

    I remember Kirk when he trained at Mark Chaillet’s gym in MD. He is a beast.