Mikko Salo & Dan Bailey Training Day

Edit: Also check out Graham Holmberg’s and Rich Froning’s Training Day

The CrossFit Journal has 2 videos available for free download today.

“Training With Champions” shows a training session of Mikko Salo and Dan Bailey.

Mikko still isn’t following the CF mainsite WOD.
So a typical training session for Mikko looks the following.

  • warm-up, row 1k in 1:55 pace (or do intervals; 7x750m with 2 minutes rest)
  • strength training
  • met-con

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Front Squats, Peanut Butter and Coffee

Part 5
Sled Pull Running Technique
Workout: Metcon -5 rounds (rest while your partner does his round)

  • 50 m Sled Pull
  • 10x Front Squat @ 185 lbs

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Part 6
strength work: weighted ring dips @ 20kg sets of 8
5 rounds interval style

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Mikko Salo Deficite Deadlift PlatformThey also talked about Offseason for CrossFitters.

Dan Bailey
  • more strength, volume dialed back
  • increase volume over time
  • get more CrossFit “specific”
Mikko Salo
  • I don’t think there is an off-season
  • don’t let your numbers get too low
  • focused on my weaknesses, doing a bit different kind of strength training
  • I believe you should be, like, 85-90 percent of your maximum results all the time.

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