My Rubber Band Shoulder Warm-Up Routine Video

This shoulder warm-up is part of every workout I do.

“Shoulder Warm Up Routine with Elastic Rubber Bands”

The routine is inspired by the “Warm-Up and Preparation DVD feat. Jordan Jovtchev” (click here for a review)

I place this routine directly after the joint preparation mobility drills I do (joint rotations etc.)

It consists of 8-12 repetitions of each exercise:

  • standing straight arm reverse shoulder flys in 3 different angles
  • normal standing straight arm shoulder flys in 3 different angles
  • Bulgarian (elbow 90 degrees) / Cuban rotations
  • bent over cross pulls
  • bent over inverted cross pulls
  • and straight arm rotations

It really mobilizes the whole rotator cuff and shoulder girdle and gets me ready for harder exercises.

Besides on workout days, I also do this on rest days as prehab to help recovery and keep the blood flowing through the damaged muscle tissue.

I hope this helps some of you to get some ideas for your warm-up in order to stay safe during your workouts.

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  • seven

    nice, great upload, I take note. I like your blog, I read regulary

  • Gregor

    Hey seven,

    Thanks for the feedback. Good to know I am not the only one reading it :)…

  • seven

    jeje, I read your blog because I know you for: gregor + gymnastic + climbing (fingerboard in your wall) + gymnasticbobies; but my english level is very bad, sorry

    I will try to write more.

    I like your post "Review: Warm-Up and Preparation feat. Jordan Jovtchev DVD", when I can buy it (for the moment, money It is the problem….)


  • Rezyac

    hi this iv just got my rings today and will start light training latter on (i have a broken collar bone and 5 breaks in my leg)
    can you do a little video or say how you loop the strapping into the bracket,
    iv done it but dont know if it wrong  

  • GregorATG

    Here is a photo that should make it clear:

  • BJ Sorensen

    can you give some detail/explanation about shoulder position throughout a pressing movement, such as the push press or jerk? should the shoulder blades always been down/in?