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My Rubber Band Shoulder Warm-Up Routine Video

This shoulder warm-up is part of every workout I do.

“Shoulder Warm Up Routine with Elastic Rubber Bands”

The routine is inspired by the “Warm-Up and Preparation DVD feat. Jordan Jovtchev” (click here for a review)

I place this routine directly after the joint preparation mobility drills I do (joint rotations etc.)

It consists of 8-12 repetitions of each exercise:

It really mobilizes the whole rotator cuff and shoulder girdle and gets me ready for harder exercises.

Besides on workout days, I also do this on rest days as prehab to help recovery and keep the blood flowing through the damaged muscle tissue.

I hope this helps some of you to get some ideas for your warm-up in order to stay safe during your workouts.

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My Rubber Band Shoulder Warm-Up Routine Video is a post by Gregor Winter from All Things Gym.